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7 Cases When You Need To Hire A Family Lawyer

Family Lawyer

It’s normal for couples or families to go through disagreements. Many of these conflicts resolve on their own through conversation or time.

However, some major familial decisions or issues require outside intervention, especially those involving legal matters or serious conflict. Working with a collaborative and amicable family lawyer would be in your best interest in these cases.

If you or anyone you know is dealing with a family law concern or conflict, you can contact the experienced lawyers at Nussbaum Family Law for legal advice. They deal with different aspects of family law to protect the family’s best interests, particularly those of the children.

Getting a Prenup

A prenuptial agreement or prenup is a marriage contract under the Ontario Family Law Act. It is an agreement between two parties about to marry regarding their rights and obligations in the marriage. The prenup also specifies what will happen if the marriage should break down. 

A prenup typically contains guidelines concerning the following:

  • Ownership or division of property
  • Moral training and education of the children
  • Support obligations

A family lawyer can draft and review prenups to ensure they comply with existing family laws. Make sure you get your own lawyer to protect your interests.

Filing for Divorce or Separation

There may be instances when spouses agree entirely on the terms of their divorce or separation. However, getting a divorce lawyer is always advisable to ensure that any agreements comply with existing laws.

A family lawyer can help you negotiate, draft agreements, and advocate for your interests. These services are critical when discussing child custody, division of property, and child support.

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Seeking Child Support

Child support is often necessary if you and your former spouse have children. In most cases, single parents cannot sustain the child’s lifestyle after separation or divorce. Child support can ensure the continuity of the child’s quality of life. 

Child support laws follow guidelines that consider the paying parent’s income and any particular needs the child may have. Your family lawyer can help you get the support you and your child need and deserve according to the law.

Child Custody Questions

Conflicts regarding child custody are common in many divorce proceedings. The court will determine your capacity to serve the best interests of the child based on the documents you present.

An experienced family lawyer can put together the best possible case to gain full custody of your child. Your lawyer can also defend you against abuse or neglect and prevent the accusations from escalating.

Adopting a Child

Adoption is a complex undertaking. The process typically involves a lot of paperwork and court appearances to prove you can do the job. The specific requirements and procedures vary by province. They have the same goal: ensuring you can care for children. 

As with any legal proceeding, you must present documentary evidence that you are physically, emotionally, and financially healthy. A family lawyer can help you build a strong case.

Seeking Protection Against Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious and complicated issue. Sometimes, victims are afraid to come forward and seek help, especially if they lack the resources to do so. 

When left unchecked, abusive domestic relationships can cause lasting physical and mental effects. You don’t have to take it if you or your loved one is in an abusive relationship. A family lawyer can get a protection order against the abuser or represent you in case of a lawsuit.

Other Parties Lawyering Up

If you’re facing a family dispute and another party gets a lawyer, it’s time to do the same. It indicates that things are escalating and require professional help to achieve resolution.

The best family lawyers will do what they can to avoid the costs of going to court. They will attempt to resolve issues through mediation or arbitration. However, they will advocate for you if you encounter legal complications.

Conflicts or issues between family members often have unique characteristics. They usually involve personal feelings and relationships. An experienced family lawyer is well-equipped to handle legal matters while considering family dynamics.

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