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Wheelchair Transportation Houston

Wheelchair Transportation

If you ever want wheelchair accessible transportation, Elite Town Car Services will always be ready to help. We have built our repute over many years and are proud to fill a significant void that exists in Houston. When you or someone from your family is in a wheelchair, transportation can be difficult.

Professional drivers

Fully expert drivers drive non-emergency wheelchair transport service vehicles with a spirit of service. They undergo special training to help people with disabilities while transporting to deal with the unpleasant situations expected during the trip.

Our chauffeurs are trained professionals who have all the essential insurance and licenses. We provide wheelchair transportation for doctor’s appointments, physiotherapy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, hospital visits in and out of patients, adult care facilities, and other types of medical appointments.

The question of cost is something that will logically come to mind if you searching for wheelchair accessible transportation near me. Disabled transportation may seem expensive and it’s a genuine concern, however, Elite Town Car services have you covered. We are here to help our Houston clients in need, we make our services accessible for booking anytime at affordable rates.

Transportation for people with disabilities.

In some cases, wheelchair transportation is short-term while someone recovers from an accident, injury, or illness. However, other people need continuous transportation for wheelchair patients.

We are the premier resource for transportation for people with disabilities and we take our responsibility to our customers very seriously. Transporting disabled people requires experience, understanding, and committed professionals who are trained to put all of our customers completely at ease every step of the way.

We believe we have the strong perspective to significantly make better the mobility for people with disabilities as compared to other wheelchair accessible transportation cofmpanies. Over the years, we’ve invested to make it easier for more people to move around their communities.

By hiring a private wheelchair transportation service in Houston, you don’t need to take any kind of tension that all of your transportation and accessibility needs are met throughout your ride. These are some of the benefits of choosing us when need wheelchair accessible transportation services.


Public transport often has strict timetables that are not suited to your needs. Sometimes they even experience delays or traffic that cannot always be expected. Then maybe you need to look at wheelchair accessible taxi service near me.

Though, when you book our wheelchair transportation, you can be sure that your drivers will be on time. We offer our services with a personalized time schedule that suits your needs.

Accessibility Features

Our private wheelchair transportation service guarantees that you have all you require inside the vehicle. Our fleet of vehicles offers facilities adapted to all your needs.


When you book our wheelchair transportation service in Houston, our chauffeurs are there to keep eye on your requirements and be consistent with your ride. We are trained, focused and reliable people who work to ensure your trip is comfy and safe.

Moreover, our drivers help you with everything from start to make sure you reach your destination safely. When you need assistance or additional assistance with your equipment, we’re here for you.


Although there are wheelchair-friendly areas on public transport, you certainly won’t find anything as easy as having your own vehicle.


When you board public transport, you may have to sit next to other passengers, bear odors or disruptions, and stop when everyone else stops. However, our vehicles are comfortable and spacious and we only focus on where you need to go.

When you want to travel with us as per your routine, you can simply book online over the website, and can enjoy a safe ride. When you hire private transportation, you don’t have to worry about getting to a bus stop or leaving the house safely. This independence means our riders enjoy their experience much more.


Benefits of booking wheelchair transportation with us

Our company specializes in Nonemergency medical transportation in Houston. We provide everything from assistance getting in and out of your home to wheelchair accessible vehicles. Additionally, our wheelchair transportation service is best in Houston offers the following benefits for booking a wheelchair accessible vehicle. 

Getting out of the hospital earlier

Many patients need prolonged hospital stays because they do not have suitable transportation to return to their doctor’s appointments after returning home. If you have trustworthy wheelchair transportation, you may be able to get home earlier and make efficient trips to and from follow-up appointments.

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Improved recovery times

Faster healing often requires crucial physiotherapy visits. Conversely, you often extend your recovery period when you are regularly unable to attend appointments. Our wheelchair transport services allow patients to get to all necessary appointments to recover as quickly as possible.

Increased comfort

You can remain seated in a wheelchair with a wheelchair accessible vehicle instead of getting in and out of your chair again and again. This offers a reduced risk of injury and much more comfort. Driving in a vehicle that has not the facility of a wheelchair can be the reason for pain and discomfort.

Additionally, you could possibly experience additional pressure on your back or shoulders to transfer in and out of the wheelchair. Shoulder pain is common when moving, while back pain is more likely when referred to a medical professional

Lower injury risk

There is less risk of damage when using a wheelchair accessible vehicle for transportation. This includes traffic accidents and injuries sustained during loading and unloading. Our wheelchair-accessible vehicles are made in a way that allows patients to stay safe whether they stay in the wheelchair or use built-in seats.

Freedom to travel on your terms

You may feel stressed when you don’t know how to drive. Having an accessible wheelchair transportation service gives you the freedom to go where you want when you want. In addition, our wheelchair accessible vehicles make it easier to load and unload passengers.

Wheelchair patients are often disheartened due to their difficulty in getting around, but this is not the case when wheelchair transport is available.

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