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What You Want To Know About Mannequin Heads?

Mannequin Heads

Mannequin heads are used for various purposes, such as beauty schools to teach cosmetics and haircuts, hairdressing salons, and supermarkets to display multiple items, including sunglasses, hats, scarves, jewelry, and tires. You may not know it, but there are different types of mannequin heads, so you should read all the information about them if you are planning to buy a mannequin head.

What is a mannequin head?

Mannequin heads strive for a more realistic, transparent, and accurate representation of the human head. They usually contain highly detailed features with a transparent face; they wear wigs and cosmetics. They give a more personal look to the products they will showcase. Their accuracy regarding the human body is so precise that it is easy to confuse them with real people. Mannequin heads also come in both female and male. Close attention is paid to every detail to match the individual features as much as possible.

What is the purpose of using a mannequin head?

As a rule, mannequin heads are mannequins for beauty school students and hairdressers who use them for training and improving various hair procedures. Practicing the means used in natural hair salons with the right tools and hair extensions is essential for learning.

In addition, salon owners use mannequin heads to showcase different hairstyles or how the hair will look to clients. In addition, mannequin heads are used in shops to display mirrors, jewelry, and other accessories. Mannequin heads used for salon and cosmetic purposes are known as beauty mannequins.

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What to look for when choosing a mannequin for a salon or cosmetology school?

When choosing a salon or cosmetology school, the mannequin head should be mostly hair. But the salon and beauty salon mannequin heads come in different hair types, such as human hair, animal hair, synthetic hair, and other spectrum hair. With these hairstyles, students can try many different hair types that they can come across in real salons. Therefore, mannequin heads must be purchased according to specific needs and features. Here are the features of the easy option:

1) Types of hair:

Mannequin hair heads are expensive. But, for the various parts, the cost of a mannequin head depends on the type of hair used. Of course, there are mannequin haircuts for human hair on the market for very cheap.

2) Hair length:

Second, only the level of hair in determining the cost of a mannequin head refers to the total length of the hair. Length can be measured in two ways. The most common route is from up to bottom. The forehead on the limbs is the second method. So decide how long you want the mannequin head. 

3) Density & layering of hair on the head: 

Congestion and thinning hair are included in the number and length. How close each hair follicle is inserted determines the thickness. Therefore, mannequins with slightly dense hair are usually cheaper.

4) Mannequin head construction quality:

Mannequin heads are made of different materials such as fiberglass, PVC, polyethylene, etc. So you can buy a mannequin head depending on the quality you want.

5) With or without Shoulders:

The mannequin head is located on or off the shoulders. So in many cosmetology schools, headbands are preferred. However, this is up to you to decide if you should buy a mannequin with or without a shoulder.

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