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What Should You Wear To The Gym If It’s Your First Time?

what should you wear to the gym

Suppose this is your first time going to the gym, congratulations on taking a step toward being healthy and fit! For beginners, the gym can be an intimidating place. There’s probably a lot in your mind, from not knowing what to wear to not being familiar with all the different machines and devices in the gym.

Thinking about what to wear to the gym shouldn’t be taken lightly. The suitable gym clothing will improve your movement and support your body, lessening the risk of injury. 

However, it doesn’t mean you should get the latest sportswear like a gym suit for girls or gym accessories to start your day at the gym. What is important is to find clothes that will not restrict movement and are comfortable to wear. 

What should you wear to the gym?

For beginners, here are some basic workout attire for your first trip to the gym.

Leggings and shorts

You can find a lot of nice leggings in the market but what is essential when picking a legging is the comfy feeling that it provides and being able to support all the right curves. Leggings should be breathable and able to absorb moisture and sweat. For men, perfect workout shorts are often stretchy to allow flexibility in movements and are made from fabric with a hydrophilic coating that drains sweat and keeps one cool. 

Sports t-shirt

For women who don’t feel comfortable working out with their sports bras, there are plenty of t-shirts designed for exercising. There are t-shirts with mesh to allow for better cooling, while others have better sweat absorbing ability. Many of these t-shirts also have antibacterial technology to help you stay fresh and not worry about sweat odour. 

Sports bra

One of the necessities when working out in the gym is a sports bra. A wrong bra will limit bust movement, and bouncing can really make you feel uncomfortable and in pain. A good sports bra will keep the bust in place while providing sufficient support during intense activities. 

Workout jacket

A workout jacket is optional, but many prefer to use it after their workout not just for style but also for comfort, especially during the cold months. 

Good shoes

Wearing shoes in the gym is important because it will help reduce the risk of injury. A good pair of shoes will help keep your balance and support the arches. A sturdy set of trainers is the best as it provides stable support when working out. Check out Lucky Feet Shoes for alternatives.

Tips on your first gym day

Find a supportive bra

When preparing your workout clothes, look for bras that can provide full support during high impact activities such as exercising. A good bra will minimise the discomfort by reducing the bouncing effect. An ordinary bra cannot provide much support, and the fabric is not designed to absorb sweat. Find the right size and support. Moreover, avoid bras that compress your rib cage, which is a sign of ill-fitting.

Avoid loose clothing

Loose or baggy clothing is not advisable because it can be dangerous when working out. Loose clothing can get caught in equipment that can lead to accidents. Also, loose-fitting clothes can expose areas in your body during a workout, making you feel self-conscious. In contrast, form-fitting gym clothes allow you to move freely while supporting your movements.

Keep your makeup simple

If you’re not used to going out barefaced, apply light makeup. Heavy makeup can contribute to breakouts, and you will have to take extra care cleaning your face because of the mixture of sweat, dirt and oils clogged in the pores. Aside from that, worrying about makeup smudging is a distraction to what is essential in the gym. 

Ignore trends

Nowadays, many sportswear and athleisure are available in the market, but paying attention to all these trends can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. 

The best thing to do is to ignore the trends and focus on functionality and comfort. Paying attention to trends can cause you to spend a lot of money on something unnecessary. Look for sportswear with suitable fabric. It should have a dry wicking element that can absorb sweat and provides breathability to cool the body during an intense workout. 

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Your first day in the gym should be a positive experience, and you can do this by preparing mentally, physically and emotionally. Knowing what to expect and wear can help lessen the anxiety on your first day in the gym. 

Sports bras, leggings or shorts, shirt, shoes and jacket are all comfortable workout clothing that you can find easily. To choose the best workout clothing, you should go for one that is fit and comfy when you move. Avoid clothing that feels tight in the ribcage or waist.   

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