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What Makes A Tree Care Green Compliant?

Green Compliant

The global community has contributed significant threats to our environment due to pollution. This is why environmental protection is a must. Mother Nature needs to be protected at all costs.

Nevertheless, when you think of getting a removal of tree service, it may feel like you’re making it worse by taking out a tree. We know how important trees are. They give us oxygen, improve our air quality, help us conserve water and preserve soil, support wildlife and more. But, did you know that this kind of service can also be green compliant? 

The term eco-friendly isn’t foreign to us; it means not harmful to the environment. And, believe it or not, getting a tree removal service can be an eco-friendly idea. How? To help you further understand, here are some major reasons why it’s an ecological choice to hire a reliable and qualified complete tree care service. 

  • It’s Essential for Fruit Production 

The process of removing overgrown branches that are inefficient or untidy over time is called tree trimming. Trimming a tree, particularly fruiting trees, enhances sunlight penetration and the development of tree structure. It allows the tree to support the crop load. The removal of dead or diseased branches also encourages flower and fruit bud formation. This is why trees that undergo a trimming service tend to bear fruit and grow flowers immediately. 

  • It Helps Reshape Forests 

It does not add up sometimes when talking about how forests tend to grow over time; it’s more than just rocket science. In most cases, there is a pattern to follow that helps trees flourish in their vigour and habitat, and trimming them is part of the equation. 

  • Pruning Improves Fruitfulness 

Pruning trees is the removal of dead parts and branches. This process helps trees maximise their energy and help maintain their fruitfulness over an extended period. 

A Tree Removal Service That’s Compliant With the Law 

The tree care service policy in Australia ensures that companies conduct their activities with utmost safety and provide their staff with a safe work environment. 

So, how does a tree care service provider become compliant with the law? A trusted and professional company must observe the following: 

  • Insurance 
  • Updated workers’ compensation policy
  • Insurance that covers their employees working at above 5 metres in heights
  • Updated public liability insurance
  • Insurance for plant and motor vehicle 
  • Home Protection 
  • Use of safety equipment that is in good working condition 
  • Use of ropes, cranes, friction drums and pulleys when removing or pruning trees
  • Use of boards, rubber mats and other essential items to protect your grass, garden and property
  • Qualifications of Workers 

In Australia, the national framework for training and education for tree work exists. Make sure you check if your contractor is eligible in Arboriculture Levels 2, 3, 4 and 5. 

  • Health and Safety of Workers 
  • Complete personal protective gear 
  • Risk management approach 
  • Statements for safe work method
  • Understanding of amenity tree industry code 
  • Australian Standards 

Trees are an important asset to our environment. So, in order to maintain the trees’ health, all tree trimming and pruning must be executed in accordance with the Australian Standards Pruning of Amenity Trees AS 4373-2007.

  • Environment 

Given that most clients who call for tree care services value a sustainable environmental system, they should be given the option to keep their tree mulch. This is to strengthen the soil’s structural form, suppress weed growth and retain moisture. 

  • Local Councils 

A trusted and qualified tree care service removes your trees in accordance with council specifications. Generally, councils require a minimum Level 3 for an arborist to be qualified to do any tree work. 

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Australia’s Tree Removal Law 

There are various reasons why you need to remove a tree. It could be blocking the way for road maintenance or construction, giving rise to a potential risk of damage to properties and injuries or the tree could be withering away. Although cutting down trees on your property might be tempting, don’t do it with such haste. Irresponsible tree removal could cost you fines in Australia. 

The council of Australia protects trees through the tree removal laws declared in the Tree Preservation Order (TPOs). Hence, prior to cutting down trees, you need to acquire authorisation and permit from the council. 

  • Protected Trees 

Australia recognises numerous species of trees being protected. The significance of trees is considered in terms of: 

  • Functionality 
  • Landscape amenity
  • Historical significance
  • Botanical significance
  • Aboriginal significance.  
  • The 10/50 Vegetation Rule 

This law aims to protect people who are living within 100 metres of woodland. These are areas highly prone to wildfire, especially during hot weather conditions. So, if you have a property or you live in an area that’s prone to bushfires, you can remove trees that are within 10-50 metres from your home. 

Although there are still conditions that apply, you can do so without asking for authorisation from the local government. 

  • Tree Removal Solution in Australia 

In order to remove trees fast and safely, you should always seek help from professional workers. The entire process of tree removal requires someone with the knowledge, expertise and skills to complete the job efficiently and securely. These professionals have the proper equipment and tools to undertake the job fast and accordingly. 


One of the important elements to preserving a safe community and a healthy habitat is tree removal. Trees in poor health pose plenty of risks to us and the environment. Keep in mind that it is not against the law to cut trees as long as tree care laws are observed. So, when you hire a tree removal service, make sure to deal only with a complete tree care service that is not only green compliant but also compliant with the law.

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