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What Does An Estate Management Advisor Do?

Management Advisor

Like their title suggests, estate management advisors advise and manage your estates. But is that really the only task such professionals do? Well, knowing the roles of an estate management advisor can help you determine whether you need their services.

Below we discuss the services an estate management advisor gives to you and how they are beneficial to you.

Who is An Estate Management Advisor?

First things first, an estate management advisor is a person who helps you with managing family assets to ensure they are transferred to your heirs in fiscal terms. The term “estate” is used to refer to all the assets in your possession at any given time. So, it includes real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance policies, cash, etc. An estate management advisor such as Walpole will assist you with managing all these. 

Do I Really Need The Services of an Estate Management Advisor?

Right now, you own many assets in maybe one or several places. But how about your legacy? Who will take these assets over and manage them effectively? Who will be taking care of your legal and financial settlements? Yes, you are right; it’s an estate management advisor. 

Such a professional is an ideal partner for your inheritance management. They will give you peace of mind to run your business, knowing that you will leave the best for your descendants.

The Benefits

Save for smooth transfer of family assets, are there any other benefits you would accrue by getting the services of this professional? Below we spell out the benefits you accrue  by having an estate management advisor take care of your inheritance:

  • Expert advice: You get an expert opinion on what needs to be done to ensure your assets are managed well.
  • Ensures you abide by the set inheritance laws: An estate management advisor knows the laws governing inheritance so they can guide you accordingly.
  • Selling advice: A good estate management advisor will know the value of your assets and help you decide if it is worth selling some of them.
  • Knows legal ways to reduce inheritance tax: An estate management advisor will also help you plan for future generations. They will suggest ways to save money and lower taxes.
  • Creating trusts: An estate management advisor can help create trusts for beneficiaries. These are very important as they provide security to your heirs. 

On top of the above, an estate management advisor makes sure that your wishes are carried out when you die. 

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How Much Should I Pay?

The cost of hiring an estate management adviser depends on many factors. Some of which include:

  • The size of your estate
  • The complexity of your estate
  • The number of people involved in your estate

As such, we cannot tell you how much the services of such a professional can cost since we don’t know your estate’s details. You can always reach out for a quotation, so you get the right figures and not guesses. 


So now you know what an estate management advisor is and why you need one. So, what are you waiting for? Start using such professional’s services as early as this minute for an effective transfer of your family assets to your descendants in the future.

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