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What Are The Best Ways To Tell Parents You’re Pregnant?

Ways To Tell Parents You're Pregnant

The moment you find out that you are pregnant, you probably take a deep breath and think about how your life is about to change by the arrival of your bundle of joy! Then you are now in mom mode, trying to think about the cutest ways to tell your parents and friends.

It is probably a good idea to not let the secret out with all your friends in your social media accounts right away. It is very intimate to share your news with a few persons that are closest to you, your parents most of all! It will be one of the most exciting revelations to announce your pregnancy to your parents. Crossing your fingers that they will be very excited to hear the good news.

You’ve found out you’re pregnant and you don’t know how to surprise them. There are a number of ways to approach this topic with your parents. Here are some of the fun ways to tell parents you’re pregnant.

Discussing the pregnancy with your partner

Before you plan about some fun ways to tell parents you’re pregnant, it is so important to discuss the pregnancy with your partner, of course. How about surprising your partner as well? There are several ways to do so. One of the cutest ways is to place your pregnancy test in a box and wrap a ribbon around it. Let him unwrap him and capture his reaction for documentation. Expect crying and hugs along the way! Now, it’s the right time to work as a team to plan out how to surprise your loved ones, especially your parents!

Talking to close family members

There are several ways to inform your family members that there’s a cute little bundle coming along the way. Aside from thinking about some fun ways to tell parents you’re pregnant, don’t forget to share the fun with your family members as well. You can do it during family dinner, or if you’re far from each other, Zoom calls can be a very good thing to do to inform them. Telling your close family members about one of the important milestones that you have as a couple is truly memorable so make the most of it. Don’t forget the tissues!

How to tell your parents

 In a time of a parent’s life, becoming a grandparent is the most beautiful time that is why it is so important to make that memorable for the both of you. Think about it as a surprise of a lifetime so you need to really think about fun ways to tell parents you’re pregnant!

You can wrap a gift or some surprise for them to open. You can buy a baby onesie that says “hello grandma and grandpa!” it will surely make them so excited for sure! You can also do it in a wine bottle label, this is a cute way to share the news especially when you have another occasion worth celebrating such as a birthday. When it’s time to drink the wine, it’s a good surprise to see a wine bottle label with your pregnancy announcement on it!

You can also wear a pregnancy revealing shirt under your coat or jacket. Open your jacket and reveal the news when it’s time to do so! It is also nice to prepare a framed ultrasound picture and place it inside the box as a surprise to give to them. You can do it in the middle of the family dinner as well. This is very important: Don’t forget to ask someone to take a video and capture the moments. It will be a good memory that you can show when your baby grows older!

What To Do After You’ve Told Your Parents

After telling your parents about your pregnancy, you will now think about some fun ways to tell it to the rest of your friends or even on social media. Now you will start planning out for the rest of the fanfare along with the pregnancy. There can be a baby shower to plan about, or do a gender reveal, and other celebrations!

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Now that you’re done planning about fun ways to tell parents you’re pregnant, it is now time to also do the serious stuff. Thinking about the monthly checkups, the vitamins, or other important things that you need to do in order to have a healthy pregnancy. Never stop working as a team with your partner! You teamed up with the surprise, now do your best to work together on the serious part: doing everything to deliver a healthy baby!

Pregnancy is indeed one of the most important milestones of a couple. It is full of surprises, emotions, fun, and a lot more. Letting the news out especially to your parents is very helpful as well. There will be other people aside from your partner who can look after you making sure that you carry your pregnancy in a healthy manner and fun, too!

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