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What are the advantages of online table reservations?

Online table reservations

Nowadays, everyone wants to order food or other essentials online. The hassle is much less and you have the ease of receiving things right at your doorstep.

Online table reservations are also becoming increasingly popular since nobody wants to stand in long queues and waste time. 70% of restaurant customers expect online ordering now.

If you have a restaurant of your own, ensuring online table booking is a necessary feature. Read on to know the advantages of online table reservations.

1. Benefits more customers

Online reservations will attract many more customers as compared to offline bookings. Around 40% of customers declare that online ordering services should be present in apps.

The lesser people have to wait to book tables, the more traffic you’ll generate. This is a huge part of your income. Customers who have a comfortable online booking experience will also give you positive feedback which will make your eatery even more popular.

2. Reduces the number of no-shows

Ever heard of a situation where customers book their tables beforehand but half of them don’t show up? This way, you lose so much of your booking profit every day. Online booking systems eliminate this problem. Thanks to the pre-ordering facility, you know that almost everyone who has made reservations will appear.

You can also run services like UpMenu, where online ordering systems come with pre-payment. Your customers won’t have to wait for their food and you will also be able to limit the number of no-shows.

3. Less work

There might be times when you’re busy shopping for raw food items in the market when you get a reservation call, or one of your workers is busy making food and misses out on a call completely. Your restaurant will obviously be busy and telephone lines might also face interference.

No matter what the cause is, your customers will not be happy if their booking experience is a negative one. But if they have an online reservation method, things will be much simpler.

Each and every reservation can be accepted with a single click, and all the necessary information will be available to both you and the customer.

4. Get all your information in one place

You can easily check the reservation traffic each day online and assign your employees to their specific roles accordingly. If there’s heavy traffic that day, you can warn the waiters and cooks beforehand. Your online software will take care of all the relevant information.

This way, you can also plan your special marketing strategies like offering discounts to customers who frequently book online. You will also be able to take care of inventory and waste fewer items.

5. Better experience for guests

Guests will not be able to understand your working methods or the way you handle other guests. All they will look at nowadays is better and quicker service. If you have an online reservation system, your restaurant will be more popular than the ones that don’t offer this service.

You will thus be able to build a professional image of your brand and improve it continuously. If you yourself are prepared for your customers beforehand, you will offer them a great dining experience and they will leave satisfied.

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6. One software with many advantages

Software like UpMenu doesn’t just offer online table reservations. It also provides you with a host of other features like loyalty programs, feedback, and other marketing tools.

With just a small subscription fee every month, all these similar websites provide you with insights regarding your business and how to improve in certain areas.

So, you get a 360-degree view of how well you’re doing. If you feel you’re lacking somewhere, they will also tell you how and where to improve.

Over to you…

It comes as no surprise that online ordering systems are widely popular nowadays. They offer not only lesser waiting times for both you and your guests but also give you both a holistic approach to a fine dining experience. So if you don’t have an online ordering system of your own, sign up today!

It will improve your restaurant greatly and increase your revenues by more than double. If you already have one, try to find ways to improve the service or hire people who are experienced in the fields of online marketing. Consult them and figure out ways to attract more customers.

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