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3 Most Popular Kinds of Vinyl Siding Styles

Vinyl Siding Styles

Thanks to its affordability, versatility, and durability, vinyl is one of the most popular siding materials in the United States, protecting one-third of homes across the country. 

Vinyl siding is environmentally friendly, weather resistant, low-maintenance, and available in a broad range of styles to suit the varying tastes of homeowners. 

If you plan to install new siding on your house, here are three of the most popular vinyl siding styles that can completely transform your curb appeal.   

1: HardiePlank Lap Siding

HardiePlank lap siding is the most installed siding style in the United States. It is installed horizontally on your house, and when the boards are placed on your property, they overlap, hence the name “lap” siding. 

Due to its thickness, HardiePlank lap siding lasts longer than other siding materials, protects your home better, and resists severe weather events, including heavy rain, high winds, and ice storms.

HardiePlank lap siding is non-combustible. Unlike other siding materials, HardiePlank lap siding does not melt when subjected to direct fire and will not burn under any circumstances. It is also easy to clean using a long-handed, soft bristle brush, soft cloth, or hose. 

2: HardieShingle Siding

HardieShingle siding is the most popular option for homeowners who want to add texture to their home’s exteriors. 

They are small vinyl pieces shaped like shingles. James Hardie Siding installation fixes the shingles one by one on your house to create an overlapping effect. From afar, they look like wood, and it is easy for most of your guests to assume that it is painted cedar. 

Even though they are light, HardieShingle siding can withstand hurricane-force winds. Moreover, its artificial composition makes it resilient to environmental factors such as winter storms, heavy snow, and strong winds.

A preferred advantage of HardieShingle siding is its minimal maintenance needs. To remove dust and dirt buildup, you can hose down your HardieShingle siding with a garden hose. To remove stubborn stains from your HardieShingle siding, you can use a soft cloth or a soft-bristle brush with mild household detergent and warm water.

3: HardiePanel Vertical Siding

If you want to add dramatic depth to your home’s exterior, you cannot go wrong with HardiePanel vertical siding. 

Vertical siding panels are installed in a top-to-bottom upright position, adding an illusion of height and depth to your home. They also give your home a unique look since most vinyl sliding styles are installed horizontally, and having yours installed vertically gives your house character and uniqueness. 

HardiePanel vertical siding is preferred because it is easier to clean than other siding styles. When you hose the panels, water flows downwards, right onto the ground, where it can drain away. The vertical orientation of the panels also reduces the chances of dirt buildup behind panels and water damage after washing or heavy rainfall.

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Talk to James Hardie, Siding Installation for Vinyl Sliding 

There you have it. Above are three popular vinyl siding styles that can help spruce up your home’s exterior and enhance curb appeal. Opt for any of these sliding styles and give your home that much-needed facelift. 

When done right, your new siding will bring new life to your building. Talk to the pros today and get your siding done right.

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