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Unusual Holidays In Thailand – Try Something Different

Holidays In Thailand

We all love the tropical beaches, coral reefs and beach resorts that can be found in the Land of Smiles, yet there’s so much more to this amazing land and in this article, we offer a few alternative ways to spend your vacation in the tropical paradise that is Thailand.

Muay Thai Training

The art of eight limbs (hands, elbows, feet & knees), Muay Thai is a brutal combat sport that is very popular, with fighters from all over the world coming to Thailand, particularly Phuket, to train with the best. If you spend the day at one of the top gyms, you might get lucky and bump into a top UFC fighter, as they train in Phuket on a regular basis. Perhaps you want to regain that six-pack and learn the art of self-defence; not all who train Muay Thai go on to compete, the majority are in for the fitness aspect.

Wellness Resort

Thailand is known for having some of the best spa & wellness retreats in the world; check out the top-rated resort at,  where you can enjoy a diverse range of wellness treatments in a tropical paradise location. Good health & well-being leads to a happier life and with effective detox programs, you can cleanse harmful toxins that build up over time; tailor your experience and take the first step to a new you!


Yes, there are tour companies that arrange Thai homestay holidays, for those who wish to experience life from the local perspective; spend a month with a fishing family on Samui Island or help a Thai rice farmer in Isaan at harvest time. There are many different experiences to choose from; Google can help you find a tour operator for homestays in Southeast Asia.

Hiking In Northern Thailand

If you love the wonders of nature, the golden mountains near Chaing Rai make for the perfect hiking experience. You can either join a guided tour or be adventurous and trust the universe. Meet the hilltribe people, who have a colourful culture that is unique to this region of Southeast Asia. You will meet a lot of gap year students working their way around Thailand, Laos and Vietnam and the locals are very warm and friendly. Click here to learn about sustainable travel.

Buddhist Retreat

Nestled in a tropical forest, there are small Buddhist retreats where you can find yourself spiritually and learn about the 4 Noble Truths and how to lead a happy life. Buddhism is not a religion as such, rather it is a philosophy, a way to live your life and with guidance from experts, you can find yourself. The art of meditation is something that can be very beneficial to us all; it will help you deal with stress and if you continue to learn about the ways of the Lord Buddha, your life will be enriched.

Many people choose the above holidays in Thailand, and who could blame them? Experience the rich culture in this unique nation with a different perspective.

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