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7 Uniques For Faster Instagram Popular

Instagram Popular

Instagram has made itself a staple social media platform for just about anyone in the world. The platform created by Facebook ended up surpassing its predecessor in terms of popularity as well as downloads. Instagram is responsible for keeping people stuck to their mobile screens for hours on end. A lot of this was possible because of really interesting features like Instagram Stories, and content that would disappear within a 24-hour window. A revolutionary idea that was so wildly popular, that almost every other competing platform began replicating it. This was the onset of Instagram’s rise in the social media world.

Celebrities, meme pages, video content creators, just about everyone had their eyes and ears set on Instagram from then on. But does everyone become famous on Instagram quickly? Unless they’re already famous in the real world, no. Since the platform has approximately over a billion users, it’s hardly surprising that becoming famous on Instagram is no easy money. However, we are here to help. Here are 7 ways you can become popular on Instagram faster!

1. Post At Least 3 Times A Day

No one becomes popular on Instagram overnight. Sure, you can get lucky, but most of the time it takes some effort. One of the things that Instagram users highly look for when searching for new accounts to follow is how many posts they’ve put up on the platform. If someone hasn’t been putting up a lot, they don’t bother looking at their content.

If you want to get noticed, you’re going to need to post a lot. You can’t post one or two times a week and expect people to come over and take notice. Yes, getting 3 posts in a day is easy for some people, but for the majority of us, it’s not. You need to be active on Instagram, so don’t be lazy!

2. Be Relatable

Another thing that makes people look at your content is if they feel they could relate to it. Once you have their attention and if they relate to you, your audience is going to grow and grow. This is a principal reason content creators who post funny and relatable videos get a lot of views and likes on Instagram. 

3. Sports & Fitness

Sports and fitness are two things that people tend to follow big time when on Instagram. From super-fit celebrities promoting their new workout routines to popular memes on healthy food, people tend to follow this kind of content. If you want to post content related to sports and fitness, make sure you keep the tone positive and inspirational. This will make people want to follow your page.

4. More Reels

Did you know, that reels on Instagram have the most reach than any other post type? Reels are very short videos that last up to one-minute maximum. People on Instagram lose their sense of time while scrolling reels endlessly, none of which have to be in any particular order per se. You could be scrolling food reels and would end up watching a cute panda eat some leaves. Post many reels,c.

5. Hashtags

Hashtags are an immensely powerful tool that could be used by anyone looking to do great on Instagram. While the platform allows you to use hashtags to the extent of 30 in one single post, we’d advise you to go for around 10-12 hashtags at once. One reason is that so many hashtags would just make the post look incredibly clunky. Moreover, a few hashtags that are sharply focused on your audience would totally drive the point home about your post. Experiment with different sets of hashtags and every time, check out the insights option to see how each hashtag is doing to be able to choose and use the best ones available. 

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6. Engage Personally

Do you ask questions to your followers in your posts? Do you respond to comments and Direct Messages? If you don’t, we suggest you quickly start doing so. Moreover, asking and saying hilarious things will also boost your popularity quickly. Instagram is full of people ready to devote time to someone who’s genuinely looking for a human connection. Connect with people on a personal level and you’ll see yourself grow.

7. Don’t Be Shy

Do you want to ask someone to promote your profile? Do it. Want to hit someone’s DMs with your brand new post so they look at it? It’s okay to do that every once in a while if the person is a genuine follower. The point is, that your profile won’t be promoted if you don’t promote it. Don’t be shy, take all the necessary steps for your profile to become famous. This means encountering people and profiles with similar interests, becoming a part of a community, and becoming a pillar of content for your audience. And none of this is possible if you shy away from promoting yourself at the right time and place.


So these were seven tips to make your Instagram profile grow faster. Do you have any tips for us or you can buy real Instagram likes? Let us know!

1. Post at Least 3 Times a Day on Twitter

The most important part of social media is being consistent. This is especially true on Twitter, where even a day’s silence can be deafening to your followers. Resolve to post at least three times a day and you’ll start to build trust. You can even schedule posts in advance.

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