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The Ultimate Weekend Fun Guide. 5 Family Activities To Build A Strong Bond.

Weekend Fun

Hey mama! Can you feel it getting warmer outside? All of the team at Rey to Z are super excited about spring and all of the fun family activities that it brings. They have asked the crew to weigh in on some of their favorite activities and put together The Ultimate Weekend Fun Guide. (Don’t forget to sport your Rey to Z hats while you’re out and about, and tag them in some pictures. You never know, they might feature you and your cuties on their social media!)

While they were gathering fun activity ideas, they had a great time hearing stories from the crew at Rey to Z about their favorite childhood memories. Want to join us in the exercise? Here we go…

Close your eyes for a moment and think back to your childhood. Can you remember a particular time with your family or friends that stand out to you? Take a moment and go back there. Can you remember the sounds, smells, sights, and feelings you experienced? What made it so special? As parents, we feel it is our job to give our kiddos the same kind of memories to go back to for the rest of their lives. So…without further ado…Rey to Z’s Ultimate Weekend Fun Guide! 

Not To Worry, Weekend Warrior Mama! Here Are 5 Weekend Fun Ideas: 

Cook Up Some Memories. 

Not only are cooking skills an important thing to teach kids, but cooking is a lifelong activity that is sure to bring up happy memories often. You don’t have to overcomplicate things. Even a simple recipe will give your cuties the satisfaction of creating a dish or dessert with you. The more unique, the better. We love these recipes from Taste of Home. 

Another fun part of the cooking experience could be creating a family cookbook. Keep recipes and snap photos of your creations and keep them in a book for kids to take with them and cook with their families one day. 

Lastly – invite some guests! What better way to build your cutie’s self-esteem than letting them show off a bit? Invite friends, neighbors, grandparents…whoever you can find to come and try the culinary delights that your family made. 

BONUS: This could also be a perfect opportunity to teach the kids etiquette. Like how to set a table properly, greet guests, and how conduct themselves at a dinner party. 

Fun Rey to Z Idea: Plan ahead and surprise your guests with personalized Rey to Z hats! How fun would it be to have the whole dinner or dessert party dressed in Rey to Z hats? We love this idea. They have hats and beanies for the whole family, and they even have some of the best men’s beanies for dad! Who knew? (Don’t forget to send them some pics!)

Have An Art party. 

There is something cleansing about getting lost in your creative mind. Not only do adults need the reprieve from the daily grind, but our kids can also use an escape. It’s also super fun to make a mess. (We know, you probably just shuddered a bit at that – but hear us out…) if you prepare the area for your art party properly, the mess won’t bother you as much…and the kids will think you’re the coolest. Here are some tips: 

  • Lay out a large drop cloth to cover the floor – or even better – go outside!
  • Old t-shirts of mom and Dad make great painting shirts. Or – get the fam some aprons and let part of your art party be painting your names on them with fabric paints. 
  • Think variety. Textures, colors, and materials. Try offering multiple things to paint with like sponges, feathers, paint brushes, and even finger paints. Set out a mixture of interesting things to use, such as pipe cleaners, googly eyes, felt pieces, and fuzzy balls. Save the scraps from cut-out paper and keep them in a “hodgepodge” container for the kids to glue onto their masterpieces. 
  • Display the finished art. Try a cork board, or hang a string from one end of your kiddo’s room to another and hang drawings and paintings with clothes pins. Whatever you choose, the kids will feel proud every time they look at their artwork…and they will remember the special time you spent with them. 

Fun Rey to Z Idea: Get the kids some bright, colorful, cozy socks to wear while they create their art masterpieces. Rey to Z has the coziest and fun socks for kids.  We can imagine the cutest Instagram photo opp here…think of this… all the kids sitting down holding their artwork…their cute little tootsies all in different colored Rey to Z socks. Picture perfect! (Tag them and they will feature you!) 

Volunteer Together. 

Building a strong sense of who they are in their community and how they can be of value to others is a HUGE factor in building a kid’s self-esteem. Did you know that according to experts, the social interactions a child has by the time they are 8 years old will shape their self-view for the rest of their lives? This means that forging the path to positive social interactions at a young age will help your kiddo grow up to feel worthy, fulfilled, and confident. What better way to help them with this, and help your community, than to volunteer together? 

This also allows for you to model good values and intentions and give them a strong foundation, knowing their parents are ‘helpers,’ to their community. Once the kids become teens, if they have a background in volunteering, this will help them to keep that sense of belonging. We know you don’t like to think that far ahead, but one day your littles will be “bigs” and teens who volunteer have a healthier self-image. Some appropriate volunteering ideas for families are: 

  • Help clean up the community. Clean up parks or other public areas. Make sure to bring gloves!
  • Donate toys to local charities, children’s hospitals, or shelters for moms and children. Have the kids help you gather old toys of theirs or give them a few dollars to spend on a toy or two to donate and let them pick it out. 
  • Gather baby items for babies of teens or single moms. Make care baskets for moms who have recently had babies and deliver them. Rey to Z has the best monogrammed baby gifts, if you want to personalize a gift to go in your care baskets. 

Have A Family Sports Day. 

Let everyone in the family pick a sport they would like to play and give each of them a try. Maybe you have a full day of frisbee, baseball, football, and soccer? Give each sport an hour or so to play. After a few hours the whole fam will be ready to crash, the best kind of tired…the tired you feel after a day full of fun, laughter, and exercise. 

Not feeling quite so ambitious? Break it up and try a new sport as a family each weekend. This will give your littles a taste of a variety of sports and activities so that as they get older they will know what might interest them. Also, priceless memories are always a bonus! Do you know what would make this day absolutely perfect? Matching Rey to Z baseball caps for the whole fam! Totally the makings of the perfect frame-worthy photos! 

Conquer A Mountain, Or A Trail…or Heck…Even Your Neighborhood! 

Kids are born explorers. They want to see, feel, hear, smell, taste, and experience everything from the time they are babies. If you live near the mountains, a family hike is an absolutely perfect way to spend a Saturday. If not, there are still many opportunities to explore. Take the kids on a trek of some sort. Walk, ride bikes, or even teach the kids how to use public transit systems. Whatever you do, find a way to get around that doesn’t involve driving there. 

Fun tip: Give the kids “treasure boxes” to take on their exploration day.  Make little boxes or bags for the kids to carry around and stuff full of “treasures,” to share with the fam later. These could be interesting-looking rocks,  pretty leaves that fell to the ground, even free maps or pamphlets from places around town…anything they come across that they want to show off later. 

Another fun thing to try on your exploring day is Geocaching.  This is a fun activity that teaches navigation and solving problems and riddles to find hidden caches around town. There are millions of ‘geocaches’ around the world that can be searched for by the level of difficulty. 

Often these hidden caches are filled with fun little trinkets to be taken and replaced, so bring some fun little treasures to leave behind when you find the caches. Your littles will have a blast following navigation and riddles to find hidden treasures. 

There you have it! Your Ultimate Weekend Fun Guide. We hope this helps you to find some fun and memorable experiences for your family to treasure for years to come! 

Rey to Z sees you and they know you are doing your best. That’s why they do their best to provide every style you can imagine and make it customizable for you and your unique family. They also always offer 15% off your first order when you sign up for texts and free shipping on orders $60 or more. Also, if you love them as much as we love you, they offer a Refer a Friend program, you and your bestie both get $5 off your order. 

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