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The Ultimate Guide To Yacht Safety: Tips And Tricks For Safe And Enjoyable Sailing

The Ultimate Guide To Yacht Safety

The possibilities of exploring the world have changed and expanded significantly in recent years. It has long been not just open borders and beloved lounging on the beach. It has become an authentic way of traveling that many travel enthusiasts and adventurers enjoy. One of the sought-after forms of such travel includes private cruises with a rented boat and a captain, for which it is necessary to properly prepare.

Even in the case of a cruise, preparation is the basis of a wonderful vacation at sea, so nothing will unpleasantly surprise you. Therefore, if you plan to exchange a classic for a luxury yacht charter with an experienced captain this year, we have some recommendations for what to take with you on such a trip.

How To Choose The Right Vessel

While choosing a vessel for your sailing vacation, you should take into account many factors, like the water surface, weather, engine type, and capacity for the given number of passengers.

  • Sailing yacht charter is the ideal solution for those who want to be carried by the wind at sea and thus enjoy the true pleasure of sailing. You can choose the type of sailboat with its specific length, number of cabins, people, beds, and other important criteria.
  • If you are planning to sail in shallower waters, a catamaran charter would be the best option. Thanks to its specific shape, the boat provides comfort and space, which is suitable for large families or groups. Also, the two hulls connected by a solid frame give this vessel high stability.
  • For those who only want to spend a day or two on the sea,  a motorboat charter is a right choice. Motorboat is easy to drive and is usually faster than large sailing vessels. Thanks to its size, you can learn how to park them in a port with ease.

Despite the fact that all types of rental boats are safe, it is a good idea to insure yourself with a life jacket, especially if you are taking small children with you on the trip.

What To Wear

During the hottest days, you should not rely on a few pieces of clothing and your favorite swimsuit when sailing on a rented boat. On the other hand, due to the specific and often smaller capacity of space, it is not a good idea to take large suitcases and piles of clothes with you, which you basically have nowhere to put them. That’s why you should take a backpack or bag, the surface of which is resistant to water, and at the same time, it can be easily adjusted to the volume of your equipment if necessary. Don’t forget to pack up a light jacket or sweater and a pair of tall trousers. You will use all of these during windy days – and especially evenings. The deck can get slippery at any time, so don’t forget to pack some non-slip shoes.

Sailing Trip Essentials

In addition to high-quality, durable, and comfortable clothing accessories, don’t forget the waterproof cases in which you can safely store your travel documents, mobile phone, computer, or tablet. You will also need a power bank, a head torch, and portable chargers. To protect yourself from rope burn, buy a pair of sailing gloves. And what’s even more important, stock the boat with food, water supplies, and medicines. If you want to know more about sailing trip essentials, be sure to read the list of what to pack on your next boat trip.

Do not worry about your stacked up food essentials. You can always invest in a good isotherm 130.

Smart Weather Forecasting And Location Tools

The biggest problem during your stay on a rented luxury yacht or catamaran can be the weather. Therefore, in order not to be surprised by its character, it is a good idea to hire an experienced captain and rent a boat that you know will be able to cope with the weather in the area, and download applications that will always provide you with an up-to-date forecast.

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