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Everything You Need To Know Trifecta Box

Trifecta Box

Betting on the exotics on horse racing is exceptionally popular with bettors, as it allows the freedom to bet however big or small on every race on the card. It is also the perfect way to get extra value for your selections, as you can cover more than one horse that you like in a specific race. 

One of the most popular ways to bet on the Exotics is by wagering on the Trifecta Box, but many newcomers to the betting world of horse racing may be unaware of what the market entails. However, below, we will go through everything that bettors need to know before making a wager on this type of market.

What Is A Trifecta?

Before examining how a Trifecta Box bet works, it is first important to understand what a Trifecta bet is. Here, the bettor will be looking to correctly predict the top three horses in a specific race. 

However, in order to get returns, all three selections must be correct. Therefore, bettors will need to accurately predict the winner, as well as the horses that finish second and third, to gain the returns from their selections. 

What Is A Trifecta Box?

A Trifecta Box works slightly differently from a traditional Trifecta, as bettors are able to add three selections, and the bet would return winnings providing that all three selected horses finish in the first three, regardless of the order. Bettors can also include more than three horses in their Trifecta Box, which will improve their chances of claiming returns.

However, the more selections that you include in the bet will impact the stake that you’re placing. If you include four horses in a $1 Trifecta Box, then the total stake that will be wagered is $24. But, the bet will return winnings as long as three of the four selected horses finish in the desired positions.

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Trifecta Box Alternative

While the Trifecta Box is a very popular form of betting on racing as it improves the chances of gaining returns, the most prominent way to utilise this market amongst gamblers is to key one horse. 

A Trifecta Key enables bettors to put the horse that they think will win above more than three selections. However, in order to get returns on this wager, the keyed horse must win, and the other selections must finish in the second or third between them.

For example, if you liked #4 to win the race, then you can key that horse, and then add #2, #7, and #1 underneath. Then, as long as #4 wins, and either #2, #7 or #1 finish in second and third, then the bet would be a winner. 

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Cost Of Trifecta Box

The cost of the bet will differ depending on how many horses you want to include in the Trifecta Box bet. If you are happy to play a $1 box on three horses, then the total stake will cost $6. 

Meanwhile, a bet of the same amount with four horses will cost $24, and the same bet with five horses will cost $60. It is encouraged that bettors don’t go any further than including six horses in a $1 box, as that would cost $120. 

Tips For Trifecta Box Betting

Trifecta Box betting is an enjoyable way to bet on races throughout the day, as you can rely on a number of different outcomes to gain returns from your selections. However, there are still tips to follow in order to stand the best chance of winning. 

That includes examining the recent form, and finding any different pace angles that could play out and lead to a better chance of winning. Furthermore, bettors should play close attention to the money that they are spending, and not try to chase their losses. 

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