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4 Ways In Which Trees Help Us Grieve

Trees Help Us Grieve

Grief is a difficult emotion to express in words. In simplest terms, it is a form of emotional suffering we feel when we lose someone or something close to our hearts. At many junctures of our lives, we may experience different kinds of grief. Losing a job, breaking down of a marriage or relationship, or when someone has broken our trust – all of these instances bring forth some grief in our hearts. One such event in our lives is the death of a loved one. 

Loss, Grief, and Moving Forward with Memorial Gardens

Grief varies from person to person. While some may feel extreme sadness, others might be wrought with guilt after a loved one’s death. Many conflicting feelings come up in individuals when they are mourning the death of someone close. These feelings can range from denial, anger, shock, disbelief, fear, frustration, and more.

Besides emotional distress, grief can manifest through physical symptoms like headaches, insomnia, nausea, and irritability. While it’s important to grieve, moving on with our lives is also essential.

Memorial trees and gardens are a unique way to honour the dead and move on in our lives, even with the sadness of losing someone in our hearts.

What are Memorial Trees?

Also known as sympathy trees or remembrance trees, a memorial tree is planted in memory or honour of someone or a pet that has passed away. With the advancement in technology, human ashes are now organically treated to help grow these memorial trees.

Instead of a grave, your loved one would be buried as a tree. Memorial trees are planted in memorial gardens, protected areas that will neither be logged nor developed anytime in the future.

How can Memorial Trees Help Us Grieve and Move On In Our Lives?

There are many ways in which memorial trees make the grieving process a little bit easier for us. Here we will discuss a few in detail and try to understand how being buried as a tree is a peaceful place to rest for eternity.

A Simple But Powerful Gesture

Planting a tree might look like a simple and ordinary thing to do. However, memorial trees are different from common plants. Its speciality lies in the symbolism it represents and the soil on which it grows.

Trees symbolise love, immortality, eternity, strength, and rebirth in many cultures and religions. Trees are often planted on joyous occasions like the birth of a child or marriage. So, with memorial trees, you will be immortalising the memory of your loved one and will have a real place to spend time and honour their memories.

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Comfort for Future

Planting memorial trees come with the advantage of protection from logging in the future. Memorial gardens are special areas that fall under conservatorship protection. This means that these gardens cannot be logged or developed anytime in the future. 

The memorial trees are not just plants but living legacies of people. For many, these trees are a tangible way to connect with the lost ones. So, you can visit these beautiful gardens anytime you want and spend time in the shade of the memorial tree, coming to terms with your grief and reminiscing about the past. Memorial gardens are a peaceful place to spend time and will give you comfort to heal and move on in life.

A Living Legacy to Remember and Cherish

While grieving, we often feel a heartbreaking sense of emptiness, knowing we will never get to talk, touch, see, or hear our loved one again. They miss the physical form of the person and long to get that back the most.

Being buried as a tree in a memorial garden is a beautiful and tangible way to honour your loved one’s legacy. The tree growing from organically treated human ashes symbolises and signifies the eternal life of a lost loved one.

This tangible form helps many come to terms with the loss and move forward in their life with time. 

A Purpose to Look Forward in Life

Grieving is difficult for everyone. But some days are a little more strenuous than others. On more challenging days, you might feel the weight of loss on your shoulders and want to stay in bed all day long. You might not feel the desire to eat, talk, or meet with others.

On such difficult days, memorial trees give you a purpose to keep living. Planting a commemorative tree and caring for it as you did for your loved one might be why you will prepare to face the outside world. 

Overtime you can add special touches to the tree and the area around it to make it more special:

  • You can add a customised plaque or bench under the tree for you to sit 
  • You can hang windchimes and bells from the branches 
  • A birdbox on the tree will help attract wildlife.

In the End

Grief is a difficult emotion to come to terms with. It might take days or years to reconcile that you lost someone close to you. However, memorial trees help make this journey easier and more comfortable.

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