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Treat Smelly Feet: Here’s How

Treat Smelly Feet: Here's How

Did you know that there are more than 250,00 sweat glands on your feet? That is thrice more than most other parts of your body. If statistics are to be believed, 6 out of 10 people have smelly feet.

To get things into perspective, here are few key facts that shed light on smelly feet.

Fact 1: The most common underlying reason for smelly feet is bacteria growth and moisture development.

Fact 2: Although not exactly a ‘medical concern,’ smelly feet can affect a person’s social life, personal relationship as it can be a cause of embarrassment, thus affecting a person’s mental state.

Fact 3: There are Bacteria on every person’s feet. These bacterias are responsible for breaking down oils and getting rid of dead cells. While doing this, they create waste which often results in bad smells.

Smelly feet are actually a medical condition called bromodosis. Like most medical conditions, this too has a treatment, in fact, several. Let us look at some of those treatment methods and home remedies.

Home Remedies:

1. Antibacterial Soap

The key factor in solving issues like smelly feet is improving foot hygiene. Washing feet on a daily basis with antibacterial soap to get rid of bacterial growth is one of the best ideas. Make sure to pay special attention to your heels and areas in between the toes while doing so.

After cleaning, ensure that you do not leave your toes damp and dry the areas in-between your toes to prevent fungal growth.

2. Foot Spa With Foot Soak

Getting an occasional foot spa can significantly improve your foot health & hygiene. While visiting a salon for a foot spa can get a bit expensive, you can buy a foot spa massager for yourself and get a foot spa at home. Although these days the foot spas massagers are relatively cheaper, they come with advanced technologies. This makes foot care a lot easier and hassle-free.

Some foot spas come with features such as adjustable temperature settings, heated bath, and foot massager. You can also pour foot soak and foot salt in the foot spa as it often proves to be beneficial since this is a nice way to provide necessary nutrients to your feet and nourish your skin with essential vitamins and oils for foot care. The foot soak also plays an important role in exfoliating.

Foot Spa With Foot Soak
Foot Spa With Foot Soak

3. Antiperspirant

This is another remedy that works exceptionally well in preventing smelly feet. Although we generally use underarms, applying antiperspirant on your feet can reduce sweating. If necessary, visit a doctor to get stronger antiperspirants.

Another way to prevent your feet from smelling is by improving your footwear and footwear conditions. Here are a few tips on how you can do it.

Footwear tips:

1. Improving the Condition Of Your Socks

Avoid wearing shoes directly. Wearing socks helps a lot, especially if your feet tend to sweat a lot. Socks, especially the ones that are made from sweat-absorbent materials like cotton, can reduce odors by absorbing the sweat and preventing it from reacting with the shoe material. Moreover, if the socks start smelling, you can easily change them. Otherwise, the smell would linger on inside your shoes, making it a semi-permanent problem.

2. Shoes

If your feet are prone to sweating, it is better to buy shoes that offer breathability. This will reduce the sweating a lot and lower the sweat build-up in your shoes, which often leads to bacteria formation, leading to odor.

You can look for shoes with mesh panels as they offer breathability. Try to avoid jelly shoes or shoes made of plastic as they are the shoes that retain most of the moisture and do not allow our feet to breathe at all, making our feet sweat all the more.

3. Having Multiple Pairs Of Shoes & Socks

Allow your shoes and your socks to dry out once you wear them. This helps you a lot, especially if you want to cut down the odor. If you wear shoes and socks every day, try to have multiple pairs so that you can alternate the pairs, allowing each pair to have enough time to dry. You can also carry an extra pair of socks with you to change when your socks get drenched in sweat.
Although these are mostly foot care tips that can help you deal with sweating, remedies like using foot spa and exfoliation are better sweated as a treatment and prevention method for smelly feet.

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