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Best Couple Dress Ideas For A Lavish Engagement This Wedding Season

traditional engagement dress for couples

With the onset of the wedding season, comes a lot of tension, excitement, and enthusiasm. Weddings are a period of fun and the tie-up of two hearts, the bride and the groom. Every couple wants their wedding to be a grand, lavish wedding, after all, weddings happen once. Engagement is the beginning of a remarkable journey ahead. Besides the perfect background, theme, decorations, etc, traditional engagement dress for couples plays a vital role and adds stars to the glam wedding. Perfect traditional engagement dress for a couple makes the bride as well as the groom look better and the people as well, look forward to their wedding. Through this article, we will present before you some amazing traditional engagement dresses for a couple of ideas, which will make your engagement lavish with a modern touch and make your wedding journey ahead remarkable.

1.) Couple matching dress:

Matching wedding couple dress combination, sounds too overrated? But, this is the prominent traditional engagement dress for couple idea these days. Let the bride and the groom be dressed in the best matching color outfits that match the decorations, vibe, and theme.

2.) Pastels – The new fashion:

After the lavish weddings of celebrities like Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, Neha Kakkar, and Rohanpreet pastels have become the modern fashion. Pastels are a must-have in at least one of the wedding functions. Pastel-colored traditional engagement dresses for couples will add stars to the function. The couple can go for various pastel colors like pink, peach, lavender, etc. These dresses are the best choice for daytime functions.

3.) Blue to lift you:

Blue is a color that has been a go-to option for wedding dresses since the Madhuri Dixit era. Blues rises the blue and is a regal combo for a traditional engagement dress for a couple. The bride and groom in their matching blue outfits are sure to catch the attention of the people on their big day.

4.) Bright yellow to brighten your day:

Yellow, the color of happiness is a great choice to add more happiness to your happy day. Yellow traditional engagement dresses for couples will never go out of fashion and will look even more pretty with a dance to mark a happy beginning.

5.) Red – The color of love :

When the wedding season is on, do we even have the choice to skip the color of love, red? No matter how many color options you get, red always tops the list to be the best color for traditional engagement dresses for couples. Red is not only for the wedding day. A burgundy or something as wine red lehenga as the engagement dress for women and a red kurta for the groom. A perfect combination to add a tinge of love to your engagement day, isn’t it? So, hop in the trend and do not hesitate to add red to your engagement outfit.

6.) Partners in wine:

Looking for an elegant Engagement dress for the couple, wine color is the ultimate combination anyone would love. A wine color outfit with sequins and patterns, is the perfect go-to-outfit, matching dress for a couple Indian. A couple in this color outfit will bring Valentine’s vibe to the engagement party.

7.) Have a golden beginning:

Golden is a color of sophistication and class that is never going out of fashion. As said, “The golden glory”, golden is the perfect color to turn your grand day into a prom night. To add a little extra grace to the outfit, pair it up with a green necklace and get the perfect traditional engagement dress for the couple.

8.) Floral Fun :

Floral prints and patterns have been in fashion for decades and continue to be a perfect choice for traditional engagement dresses for couples. For perfect couple goals and an eye-catching effect, try out a white or pink floral couple dress with the perfect pairing of solid colors and patterns.

9.) Be vibrant this wedding season:

Plan on being the most unique couple this wedding season? There is no better choice than vibrant and bold shades, carrying them in a way no one can match you. Trying out various colors like vibrant blue, green, or pink can be a perfect idea for a traditional engagement dress for the couple. Male-female engagement couple matching dress is the new fashion these days, and using such vibrant colors will be a perfect wedding outfit idea. To be the center of attraction for people and to avoid overdoing it, you just need to have a proper blend of colors and makeup.

10.) Minimalistic arrangements:

Some couples prefer to have a decent and sober wedding over lavish and grand functions. For them, a minimalist matching wedding couple dress combination is a perfect idea. Prefer outfits with more flair and less embroidery. Along with this, light makeup and messy hairstyle are in trend these days.

Engagement dress for women:

Engagement dresses for women should be attractive and stylish, and they should reflect their unique taste and personality. It should make her feel beautiful and confident, as well as comfortable enough to wear for a long time. Traditional sarees or lehengas, as well as modern gowns or dresses with exquisite embroidery or embellishments, are popular choices for engagement attire. Accessorizing with jewelry, shoes, and a clutch can also help to elevate and finish the look. Overall, the engagement outfit should be picked with care and attention to detail to ensure that the bride-to-be feels special and stands out on her special day.

Indian engagement outfits are a reflection of the vibrant Indian culture which is the essential part of a wedding. It is not only the reflection of the fashion sense of the bride or groom but also a representation of the rich culture of their families. Weddings are a time when families come together and celebrate the new beginnings of the couple. In this, the outfits play a major role. Talking of engagement dresses for women, typical outfits for a bride are a lehenga or a saree. However, the Anarkali suits are also a trending engagement dress idea for women. Floor-length Anarkali in pastel shades, golden or silver is a great option. Sequins, embroidery, and zari work add to the beauty of the outfit. Besides these, indo western outfits have also become a great choice in engagement dress for women in India these days. They blend the traditional Indian look with a Western look and create a unique and stylish look.

Engagement dress for men:

Engagement dress for men should not be dull because it is a remarkable occasion that marks a significant turning point in one’s life. This is an occasion to dress up and make a statement, and dull attire can detract from the thrill and significance of the occasion. Men should wear clothing that expresses their particular style and helps them feel confident and at ease. A one-of-a-kind and fashionable dress can also help to create unforgettable images that will be treasured for years to come. So, when it comes to engagement outfits, it’s critical to choose something that is not only appropriate but also fun and stylish.

Whenever we talk of engagement or wedding outfits for men, the most typical outfits are kurtas pajamas or sherwanis. A sherwani is a long coat outfit, a perfect choice for an engagement dress for men. It is mostly made of various fabrics like silk, velvet, etc. The sequins and embroidery add to the show of the outfit. However, if the men are looking for an Islamic look, they can also go for a pathani suit. Men looking for an elegant and sophisticated look can opt for a blazer with a shirt and pants in contrasting colors. To make their engagement ceremony a memorable one, men can choose to mix and match their top and bottom wear.

Some styling Tips for your D-Day

For the Bride-to-be:

  1. Wear a traditional dress like a lehenga or saree. Choose colors that compliment your skin tone and try adding embellishments for a glam touch.
  1. Traditional jewelry, such as a maang tikka, necklace, and earrings, will round off your ensemble. Make sure they complement rather than overshadow your clothing.
  1. Choose a natural makeup style that brings off your best features. To keep your makeup in place all day, use a long-lasting foundation and a setting spray. Consider completing your outfit with a bright lip color.
  1. Select a hairdo that matches your attire and face shape. Popular hairstyles include a traditional updo or loose waves with beautiful flowers in your hair.
  1. Wear shoes that are comfy and complement your outfit and do not bother you throughout your engagement.

For the Groom-to-be:-

  1. Wear a traditional garment like a sherwani or kurta pajama. Choose colors that compliment your skin tone and try adding embellishments for a glam touch.
  1. Finish with a traditional turban or sofa and a pair of juttis. Make sure they complement rather than overshadow your clothing.
  1. Choose a natural makeup style that brings off your best features. To keep your makeup in place all day, use a long-lasting foundation and a setting spray.
  1. Select a hairdo that matches your attire and face shape. Popular hairstyles include a classic slicked-back look or a short, well-groomed haircut.
  1. Wear shoes that complement your attire and will not cause you any discomfort during the engagement ceremony.

Keep in mind that the most critical thing is to wear something that you feel comfortable in. It is your engagement and your priority should be to feel good and enjoy to the fullest.


This wedding season, couples want to have a lavish, grand, and remarkable wedding where clothes play a vital role. Perfect matching wedding dress couple combinations, traditional engagement dresses for couples and the various matching dress for couples that are in fashion these days have been discussed in this article. According to these suggestions, you can choose your perfect outfit according to the timing of the function. If it is a daytime function, the floral prints will do miracles while golden sequin outfits are the perfect choice for night functions. Perfect jewelry, hairstyle, and makeup will add to the charm and make your special day a remarkable one. Therefore, complement the hues, the decor, and the theme with the perfect traditional engagement dress for a couple and have the grand and lavish function of your dreams.

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