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Top Tips To Buy Sunflowers


Have you ever given sunflowers to someone? If not, this is a great gift to give. You can get some sunflowers at garden stores and nurseries, but it’s best to buy them from local farmers on the roadside. Here are tips for buying sunflowers.

However, it is vital that you indulge in research work when buying sunflowers and choose the best option. You should consider looking at sunflower delivery at Mordialloc Florist.

We will talk about additional tips which you must consider when buying sunflowers.

What to remember when buying sunflowers

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, buying sunflowers and planting them in your garden is an easy and inexpensive way to add color and cheer to your outdoor living area. When you buy sunflowers, however, it’s best to buy the flowers when they are in full bloom so you will have plenty of time to watch them grow before the first frost of autumn. Here are some tips for buying sunflowers:

1. Ask about price per stem. When shopping for sunflowers, most florists charge by the stem. However, not all stems are created equal. Asking about price per stem gives you a better idea of what you’re getting for your money than simply looking at the total cost of a bunch of stems.

2. Buy early in the season. If you want to enjoy your sunflowers as long as possible, don’t wait until the end of summer to buy them. Many florists stop selling sunflowers once the summer is over since they do not last after the first frost in fall or winter.

3. Consider size and height of flowers. Some people like their sunflowers to be tall, others like them close to ground level so they can be seen from all sides

Look for flowers that have a full, deep color and that feel heavy in your hand.

Keep in mind that some varieties don’t open up as much as others. For example, a “Thousand Suns” bloom has more petals than a “Luna” bloom, which means the “Thousand Suns” will give you more petals per stem.

Check out the shape of the head. It should be rounded or slightly egg-shaped. The circumference should be about 5 inches to 6 inches (12.7 cm to 15 cm). A perfectly round head can be too small, while one that’s lopsided can mean it’s past its prime and won’t last long enough to make it from harvest to vase on your table — even if you freeze it.

Avoid blooms with brown spots (signs of rot) or brown edges (signs of age).

Check for signs of insect damage — holes, chewed petals or stalks, or discoloration on the leaves

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The biggest tip? Invest in a good sunflower whose flowers will last, rather than cheap ones that grow quickly and then wither. Once you’ve purchased your sunflowers and transported them home, be sure to water the plant daily. If your plant leaves start to yellow, it may need more sunlight. And those leaves will all eventually fall away, making room for the flowers to blossom. Give your plant plenty of quiet time and space—sunflowers love peace and quiet. Remember these tips for buying sunflowers, and you’ll have a beautiful flower in no time.

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