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Top 8 Wholesale Jewelry Boxes Styles That Will Grab Your Attention

Wholesale Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry needs a box to protect it from chemical reactions with moisture and air. There are stylish boxes with different materials that are used according to trends and requirements. They keep the jewelry protected from scratches and rubbing. Its compartment allows you to keep it separated and makes it easy to find all items of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, watches, bangles, nose rings, and other accessories.

Why You Should Own a Jewelry Box?

Jewelry boxes provide a space to keep jewelry items in an organized manner. During travel, it is the easiest way to pack jewelry pieces in one safe place. They are also used as a decorative pieces to make the aesthetic look of your dressing table. These small boxes prevent the tangling of jewelry items and make sure your accessories are in a good state.

Furthermore, Custom handle boxes are highly used for jewelry product packaging. They provide the consumer the ease to carry the product to their doorstep without any hassle.

Here is the list of jewelry boxes styles to let you know the trending style and their quality.

1. Modern Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry lovers who want to decorate their dresser with a unique and stylish design will obviously consider buying a modern jewelry box. Its compartments make it suitable for the storage of medium and large collections. Most of them contain hinged tops with a mirror on the inside. Modern boxes fit in nicely with other decoration pieces and furniture of the room interior. They are available in wholesale jewelry markets at reasonable prices.

2. Personalized Jewelry Boxes

The main specifications are that they can be personalized according to personal thoughts and sentiments to grab people’s attention. Of course, if a jewelry box contains a message, photo, or any other relevant data it would be customized. They are used for the storage of small quantities. The majority of them are made up of wood or decorated glass. They are also found online at wholesale prices.

3. Handmade Jewelry Boxes

Handmade jewelry boxes charming the customers for their long-lasting and good-quality works. These are free from artificial chemical reactions and hence good for the reliability of the ornaments. Handmade boxes are the best way to describe the creativity and talent of craftsmen. One can choose them according to the required ornament arrangements.

4. Antique Jewelry Boxes

Antique jewelry boxes are a type of box that describes the historic and aesthetic significance of 100 years old. Mostly the bigger ones are made up of metal and wood, while smaller pieces are designed with glass. Their carving designs make them look antique. They tend to be durable as they have already lasted so long. But still, they are admired by people.

5. Vintage Jewelry Boxes

Vintage jewelry box styles look like designs of more than 50 years old jewelry boxes. Their differences as compared to other boxes are that they are cheaper and have colorful floral designs. These contain only one compartment and a hinged lid, while others have multiple types of compartments for placing different items.

6. Embroidered Jewelry Boxes

Embroidered jewelry boxes are the perfect boxes. They grab others’ attention with beautiful colorful embroidery. It adds different color shades, textures, and aesthetics to your dresser. These can also be recommended as a gift to every age group of women. Embroidered boxes are not the latest trend but still are admired by people.

7. Faberge Jewelry Boxes

Faberge jewelry boxes are distinct in the shape of the Faberge eggs, used for decoration and aesthetics of a dressing table. They are made up of shiny metal, making them a durable and elegant look, but their exterior decoration can be fragile over time.

8. Minimalist Jewelry Boxes

Minimalist jewelry boxes are simple in design, square and rectangle in shape, and black & white in colors and according to the latest jewelry trends . Their inner side is simply compartmentalized for those people who don’t want modern and aesthetic boxes for their dresser. Generally, they are made up of lightweight wood or plastic to make it a nice look.


Jewelry boxes are storage items for ornaments and also teach you the importance of valuable things for later use. Jewelry is something that gets lost easily to keep them safe, these boxes are very important to keep in your bag or dressing table. Find the best online marketplace with a huge collection of wholesale jewelry boxes. Their quality and durability should be the first preference while purchasing them.

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