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Top 8 Used Turf Machinery For Sale To Rely On For A Lush Green Course

Lush Green Course

Do you aspire to recreate the same lush, manicured essence of a golf course to your private lawn? Whether you’re a golf course manager or a golfer, maintenance of the turf greens is important. Used turf machinery for sale is easy-to-use, helping you deliver impeccable results throughout the equipment life-cycle. From reel mowers to backpack blowers, you need reliable brands with cutting-edge technology for persistence. However, the golf course equipment for sale can vary to sync with your landscape features, terrain type, and facility size. 

Here’s a quick rundown on some essential used turf equipment that you can swear by: 


If there’s one piece of machinery golf operators and superintendents can’t do without, it’s a mower. With a wide array of turf selections, we know that finding the perfect mower can be challenging. However, each mower serves a specific purpose following your property’s size, terrain, and climate.

You can purchase manual and motorized models from a nearby course maintenance equipment shop or online stores. 

When maintaining a large commercial area like a golf course, proficient operators and high-quality used turf equipment are two essential requirements.  

Backpack Blowers 

Also known as leaf blowers, they quickly remove leaves, grass cuttings, and other debris from the course. There isn’t a more efficient way to keep a large course free of debris than a backpack blower. We recommend cleaning, changing the oil, and conducting a frequent maintenance check overtime for operations over a long haul. 

Bunker Machines

Smoothing out the sand bunkers can be as challenging as maintaining the greens. The bunker machines are small vehicles with three wheels and a large rake on the back, leveling out the sand as you drive. Alternatively, a groundskeeper can use hand rakes for small bunkers swiftly. Used golf equipment bunker machines to smooth out the turf without causing damage to the roots.  

Aeration Equipment

Aeration in a golf facility is an essential part of turf management in keeping the green looking good and persistent. The process of aeration helps relieve contraction as a result of foot traffic. Furthermore, it allows air and moisture to advance into the surface, creating a smooth, firm, and healthier turf. 

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Spraying Equipment 

Sprayers are needed on a golf course to apply liquid fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals. A premium quality spraying product does not only deliver results with precision but also saves the environment. 

Cutting Equipments 

The lush greens are the main focus of the golf course. Yet, there are shrubbery, weeds, and other unwanted plantation growth that require maintenance. For immaculate greens and dealing with problems arriving over time, cutting tools like chainsaws or loppers is necessary for every golf facility.  

Utility Vehicles 

Most of the used turf machinery on sale mentioned above is too heavy to move. Utility vehicles carry, tow, and move these heavy pieces of machinery, saving you a lot of time and money in the long haul. 

Manual Tools 

With well-trained staff, you also need appropriate tools for the best performance of the lush greens. In addition, there are various small jobs associated with golf courses that require manual tools. Here is a list of basic tools essential at every golf facility. 

  • Hedge trimmers 
  • Measuring trimmers
  • Shovel 
  • Flashlight 
  • Moisture meter 

These tools keep the courses well maintained and improve the playing condition of the course. A team of skilled groundskeepers and tools guarantee an impeccable. 

The Bottom Line

After a haul of 20 months, golfers are gearing up to make a return to the course. Golf operators require immaculate used turf machinery for sale for smooth turf. Choose your maintenance gear wisely for lush green contours of turf!  

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