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Top 5 Criteria to Keep In Mind When Buying Your First Bong!

First Bong

Regardless of if you’re a veteran in the smoking scene or happen to be a new and budding cannaisseur, you’re always going to find buying a bong to be a rather daunting experience. 

Sure, no less than a decade ago, you would have simply walked to the closest headshop and grabbed a bong off the shelf. But with the legalization of marijuana and the consequent high interest in the cannabis business, the market is awash with bongs of various designs, sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. 

Options are obviously great, but with a multitude of them, how do you find the best bong that’s suited to your needs? Here’s a list of 5 criteria you need to consider when buying a bong as a beginner. 

1. The Shape of the Bong

Let’s start with the basic features you should look out for before diving into the more technical side of things. 

As you do your research, you’ll likely come across bongs that look like works of art that you couldn’t even see yourself smoking out of because of how cool they look. And then there are also some pretty crazy shapes out there. 

But for the most part, you’ll find bongs with bent necks, beaker bongs that have a round base, and straight tube bongs, and 

2. Size Does Matter

The right size of bong for you should be determined by the location you plan on smoking from as well as your experience level. A large-sized bong doesn’t necessarily mean that it works better than smaller bongs. 

For instance, a bigger bong would probably give you a high you may find too overwhelming as a newbie. Secondly, a big bong may not be so convenient to travel with and is better placed for use at home. They are also more expensive than smaller bongs if cost is a factor you can’t overlook. 

3. The Material the Bong Is Made Out Of

Material is very important when choosing a bong. As great as they are, bongs are very damage-prone. Plus, who wants to see their bong break after a few uses when they’re just getting the hang of things. 

If you tend to drop things a lot, a silicone or thick glass bong with a sturdy base might be right for you. But if you’re sure you’ll do a good job in protecting your bong, then you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. 

4. The thickness of the Bong

While on the topic of material, another factor you should consider is the thickness of the bong. 

Generally, the thicker it is, the more durable the bong is. While silicone bongs don’t need to be very thick since they’re virtually unbreakable, glass and ceramic are brittle materials and should be thick enough to withstand occasional falls. 

5. Added Accessories

There are many bong add-on accessories you can use to improve the overall smoking experience. Consider going bongs for bongs compatible with percolators, or percs, which provide several glass chambers for extra filtration. 

Another great accessory is the ice catch, a device that holds ice to cool the smoke even further before it gets to your mouth.   

Winding It Up

There’s a lot more to a bong than a unique material and design. So try and consider all the factors listed above when you’re ready to find the bong that will suit you perfectly.

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