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Top 5 Costa Sunglasses for Traveling

Costa Sunglasses for Traveling

As you prepare to head off on your next traveling adventure, you want to make sure you have eyewear suited for your trip. Costa sunglasses are perfect for those who seek fun in the sun. Whether you’re rafting the rapids, cycling through quiet villages, or teeing off at your favorite destination course, you’ll find sunglasses that fit your style and your traveling activities. Here are the top five choices.

1. Costa Whitetip Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

These prescription sunglasses are perfect for any traveling activity that requires a sleek fit with a wider lens for protection from the sun. As the name implies, they’re great for cycling, but they’re also suitable for tennis, beach volleyball, kayaking, and driving.

The Costa Whitetip’s frame is slightly curved, giving it an aerodynamic shape and peripheral-view protection. The lenses come in single-vision, bifocal or progressive prescriptions, with a variety of available tints.

2. Costa Remora Prescription Kayaking Sunglasses

The Costa Remora wayfarer frames on these glasses provide you with a medium-sized lens for broader sun protection. Whether you’re cruising on top of crystal blue waters in the Caribbean or waste deep in your waders fly fishing in Montana, you’ll appreciate the protection these Costa sunglasses offer.

These glasses are unisex and available in blue, gray, black, silver, green and tortoise frames, giving you the option to select a color that fits you. There are also various lens tint options for both glass and plastic lenses.

3. Costa Ballast Prescription Riding Glasses

When you need lightweight sunglasses, the ballasts are just the thing. They are frameless and so light you almost don’t feel them. These shades are great for walking city streets, hunting for sea glass, or reading by the pool. They’re comfortable enough to wear all day while providing you with the sun protection your eyes need.

These unisex glasses are available for single-vision and bifocal prescriptions, giving you clear vision whenever the sun shines bright. The plastic lenses are available in a variety of tints.

4. Costa Fathom Prescription Golf Sunglasses

For a sleek look, while swinging your clubs at a California golf resort, you won’t do better than the Costa fathom. These sunglasses are as durable as they are stylish, making them a great choice for the most active vacations. They are also comfortable, so you won’t mind wearing them for a day out on the course or out on your boat.

These shades provide optimum protection with polarized lenses, and they’re available in bifocal, single-vision, or progressive prescription lenses. You also get to choose a frame color that fits your style.

5. Costa Mag Bay Prescription Fishing Glasses

Cast your lines sporting these stylish and functional sunglasses, and you’ll see clearly how great they are for those who need sun protection while out on the water. These shades are large-fit, with a classic look. Their polarized lenses offer the ultimate in protective eyewear when the sun’s harsh rays bounce off the water.

These frames are suitable for men and women, and they can be fitted with progressive, bifocal, or single-vision prescription lenses. They are also available in black, silver, or tortoise frames.

Get Your Costa Sunglasses

Safety Gear Pro carries a wide range of Costa sunglasses suitable for every traveler. Look for your next pair from our selection to make sure you’re ready for your travel adventures.

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