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Top 5 Billie Eilish Songs That Define Her Career

Billie Eilish Songs That Define Her Career

Billie Eilish is one of the biggest worldwide teen music stars since The Beatles. She has an incredible career already, and she is only 19 years old. Fans all over the globe patiently wait for Billie Eilish’ tour tickets all the time to have the chance to watch her perform live.

She has two studio albums and four EP’s released and definitely marked the new era of music today. Eilish is just starting out, yet she already had the opportunity to sing at stadiums and venues worldwide. 

Of course, what makes her special is a wide range of arguments, but nothing is more important than the songs themselves. So here we will see the top five songs that define her career and why these songs make fans barely wait to buy Billie Eilish concert tickets for her shows. 


Lovely is a ballad song that she made with Khalid. This beautiful song is a perfect mix of refreshing harmonies and a precious message about mental health. Eilish herself had problems in the past, and she is known for always wanting to help resolve these types of issues worldwide. 

“Lovely” is part of the Netflix drama series titled “13 Reasons Why,” and it is also a smart move since it raises awareness and provides numerous fans from different genres. Because it is a teen drama show, it motivates many teenagers who love this series to buy tickets online, but nevertheless, Eilish’s inspiration always involves a sense of wanting to help someone when in need. 

I Love You

Eilish wrote this song together with her brother Finneas O’Connell, and it is an acoustic ballad. “I Love You” is part of the album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” which, even though it wasn’t exceptionally highly charted, still remains as one of the songs that define her career.

This Eilish song received mainly positive reviews, and it had more than one million sales all over the world. As always, she makes commercially successful songs. The acoustic ballad has plane-related noises accompanied by her lyrics, which describe a type of resistance to falling in love. “I Love You” is a song that literally makes the fans cry when they watch her perform it live, making it even more a special and fantastic experience. 


“Bellyache” comes from the EP titled “Don’t Smile at Me,” released back in 2017. It was also made together with her brother, and it is a wonderful mix of R&B, deep house, hip hop, mid-tempo electropop, and even Latin macabre influences, believe it or not. The song has more than 525 million views on Youtube. Yes, it is true.

This is the type of song that makes fans don’t even ask at all how much are Billie Eilish concert tickets price; instead, they just can’t wait to buy them and listen to this song performed live at some beautiful venue. Luckily for the fans, Eilish is touring this year, so don’t waste time and purchase some tickets to listen to this song performed live. 

Bad Guy

“Bad Guy” is one of those songs that once you hear, you can not stop listening to all the time. It has a beautiful deep bass through the track and an interesting, weird style in a positive way. Eilish most definitely changed pop music with this song, and even more important is that she opened a new way for other musicians and artists to motivate themselves to break the traditional way of making pop songs. 

“Bad Guy” spent an incredible 49 weeks on Billboard charts, and no one can deny the fact that it is one of her best songs to this date. This song had one of the most effective music elements that affected the industry forever.

Ocean Eyes

This has to be on the list since “Ocean Eyes” is the song that skyrocketed Eilish in the music world. It is her debut single from 2016 and remains one of her best songs that has great production with a mix of beautiful singing and lyrics. 

The debut single was also a collaboration with Finneas on the songwriting process and the production part. It has a triple-platinum certification by the RIAA, which proved even back then that Eilish will be a singer that can combine art and commercial success. As it turned out, she did exactly that. 


These songs prove that Billie Eilish tickets’ 2021 tour concerts will be in huge demand. And you know what that means, purchase tickets as soon as possible because singers like her don’t come around too often. 

She is the icon of the new generation of musicians, and it is undeniable that Eilish is the best teenage pop singer today. So buy your passage to an Eilish concert quickly and give yourself the chance to enjoy an outstanding live performance. 

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