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Top 4 Photography Types That You Need to Know

Top 4 Photography Types That You Need to Know

Have you got a trip coming up? Or going to a wedding? Or planning a big event? Then it’s likely that you will want to hire a photographer. But how do you know the kind of photographer to hire? There are so many types of photography.  It’s easy to get lost in the jargon and technical terminology, but different types of photography can help you better tell stories or promote events. Whether you are going to buy an Instax Mini Camera or a DSLR, you better first learn about the top 4 photography types that you should know about, along with an explanation of these terms and examples to accompany each.

Aerial photography 

In this type of photography, height shots are taken with the help of aircraft, balloons, and sometimes even from a helicopter by following the object below. A camera is used to take pictures from different angles from above. Here comes the use of Camera equipment, drones, and many more. The photographer takes aerial shots of the location from a plane, helicopter, or balloon, which will be used later for landscaping visual effects during production.

Aerial photography captures a different type of beauty, one which we rarely have the chance to view from the ground. It takes our breath away. Can you imagine how spectacular it would be to see your home or business from that altitude? Being able to see your property from the sky is something that most of us have no way of doing. However, with aerial photography, you can just do that.

Architectural photography 

Have you ever noticed the incredible detail captured in modern architecture? Sometimes two pieces of seemingly random steel or concrete become magically combined to create a tiny cubical paradise. Architectural photography captures these little moments of happiness, showing off unique design structures which will never be duplicated. Architectural photography is more than just snapping a picture of an architectural masterwork; and it’s about documenting the tiny details that no one else will see.

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Candid photography 

Candid photography is a genre of photography with a very broad interpretation. It’s the way to make photographs without posing the subject and instead of letting it happen as it is naturally. In urban areas, candid photography can be as simple as waiting with your camera for someone to walk by with a sign. In nature, it might mean photographing birds that come around your feeder or taking pictures of animals that cross your path. Candid photos are usually loved because they show real people in natural settings doing real things, but sometimes they’re criticized for anyone being able to take a picture of someone without having their permission first. It’s easy to make money through candid photography. However, if you don’t know how to make money selling photos of yourself then you can reach out to us, we can help you out!

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is perhaps one of the most succinct forms of art, with a deep legacy of bringing out the fiercest in some of the industry’s leading artists. Whether you are an up-and-coming blogger or have already established yourself as a fashion icon, it is important to know that you have endless choices to set up your personal style. A celebrity photographer will provide you with some of the most striking images for your portfolio. Will Brill, X17online, can give you some advice on how to best pose for photographers.

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