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Top 3 Pivotal Things You’ll Learn From Quiet Moments

If you find yourself reading through this post today, there are only two instances that brought you here – either you were curious about why your friends and influencers have been raving about vipassana meditation, or you just need the last bit of extra push to go join the vipassana meditation camp that you’ve had your eye on for a while. 

So, if you’re from either of these categories of people, you may already have an in-depth idea of what vipassana meditation requires of you. So, let’s cut right to the chase and address what you came to hear – how will going to a Vipassana meditation camp benefit you. So, we’re here to tell you that – the pivotal changes we’ve experienced through this form of meditation.

So, here goes a list of the best things we’ve learned through experience: 

The Essential Nature of Being Mindful

In the last few years of our life, we’ve seen that truly – “life is what happens when you are busy making other plans”; and we’ve come to an agreement that – that’s no way of living one’s life. In fact, the years just go by, your hair greys, you get a tiny bit slower each year, and before you know it – you don’t know where time has disappeared. So, through Vipassana meditation, we’ve learned to slow down and be mindful of all our acts, experiencing everything to the fullest of the experience itself. 

It’s essential to live in the present and thoroughly experience what one goes through, giving it importance and treating it like a gift. 

You Re-Learn Falling Love with Silence & the Quiet

When one is under the influence of vipassana meditation, one learns to be at peace with their own thoughts and accept them as just what they are. They may be a roller coaster ride of jumbled thoughts that flash like memories, experiences, or plain thoughts. This experience truly feels like an annual festive cleaning that one does, and heads up to the attic where there are boxes of memories ensued in a sleuth of cobwebs. 

All these moments teach one to fall in love with the stillness, quiet, and silence. It teaches one to respect the present moment and the value of memories. 

Enlightens us with Awareness

Often other meditative forms require us to experience the meditative state ourselves or through some semblance of guidance. However, vipassana meditation teaches us to meditate and be present to the sensations of the body without the addition of even a single ounce of visual assistance or chants. 

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You are forced to come to terms with the reality of one’s own vibrations, electrical synapses, pain, and the stiffness one feels during that period of time. You are able to be consciously aware of the present by paying attention to the vibrations and sensations of the body. This experience in itself is grounding and filled with wisdom and gives one the insight to learn to appreciate the beauty of silence. 

These have been the pivotal changes that we’ve experienced in the number of times we’ve taken the break to go be one with ourselves and our own thoughts through a Vipassana meditation camp. We highly recommend that you take the plunge and go through the experience as well. 

You’ll be better, we promise! 

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