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Top 3 Best Social Media Search Engines to Find People & Social Information

Social Media Search Engines to Find People & Social Information

We chose to write a review of this platform to share our experiences with it. We used practically all of NumLooker’s services. We also checked the profiles of our team members to see if they worked.

Before we go into detail about our experience, there are a few things you should know about this site.

NumLooker: The Best Resource for People Searching on Social Media

NumLooker is best described as an online information-gathering tool that allows you to access any individual’s public information.

 The platform has several complex tools and services that allow you to track someone’s information online and do social media personal assessment.Some of the most popular tools on this platform include People Search, track phone numbers with NumLooker, Phone Lookup, Background Check, and Address Lookup.

When you use one of its services to look for information, it generates a report with all of that person’s publicly available information. Individuals’ identification, phone number, address, criminal histories, and social media accounts are the most frequent components of a search report.

As a result, you will no longer need to hunt for someone on social media networks.

This Platform Provides Advanced Services

The versatility of this tool is the key reason for its appeal. how to track a phone with NumLooker? You may easily trace specifics of a phone number, address, or email address using the services, which are not limited to individuals.

The following are some of the tools available on this platform:

People Search

NumLooker is the most popular tool on this platform. It allows you to look up someone’s public records by entering their first and last name. There is no need to enter any other information because the person’s profile will be tracked by their name. When you submit a query to this service, it begins searching its database for the information you requested.

When numerous references fit your query, the program adds them to a report automatically. Once the search is complete, you may access the report to see that person’s categorized data. You won’t have to click through several links to find reliable information this way.

This is the service to use if you need a reliable individuals search.

Background Lookup

You can do a background search to learn about someone’s criminal history, educational background, and job history. People use this tool to see whether there are any criminals in their immediate vicinity. This tool can be used by parents to conduct background checks on their children’s babysitters, teachers, and other family members.

NumLooker integrates with the background search engine to provide you quick access to someone’s public data. To assist you to learn more about them, they give a link to their social media pages. We used this program to run three background checks, and almost all of the information was identical to our records.

Lookup by Phone

The purpose of a phone lookup service is to find out who owns a phone number. It’s useful when you need to look up information on a phone number you don’t recognize. With the phone lookup report, this service gathers information from web sources and delivers some credible findings.

Hundreds of phone search services are available that provide public information about landline numbers. As a result, we used this tool to generate several virtual phone numbers. In the vast majority of situations, this service was able to locate the specifics of such virtual numbers and offer reliable registration information.

However, for the virtual phone number we discovered, it was not the finest phone lookup service.

Lookup an address

Another useful feature to keep an eye out for is address lookup. It can assist you in locating information about any address on the internet. With a single search query, you may get property details, owner details, and neighborhood details. It delivers by far the most effective address lookup report we’ve seen.

The social media profiles were also identified in the owner’s detail section. You can imagine how useful the report on address lookup is.

The section on neighborhood details is also extremely impressive. It will tell you whether a sex offender is residing there.

The White Pages are a collection of documents

White Pages is the final feature on our list. This tool is similar to the People Search tool we previously discussed. However, it is primarily used to locate an individual’s contact information rather than their whole profile. You can use this tool to locate a way to contact someone quickly.

It functions in the same way that traditional books do, allowing you to look up the names and contact information of people in your immediate vicinity. The only difference is that it is international and contains a big collection of public data.

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What Did We Enjoy the Most?

On this platform, you can find a lot of nice stuff. Here are a few examples:

Credible Information: All of the information provided on this site is sourced from reliable sources. As a result, you won’t need to use any other tools to double-check this information. Furthermore, the database is linked to some police records, making it a far better alternative for conducting a background check on someone.

Fast Service: In a matter of minutes, the platform can generate any type of report. It means you can perform a phone lookup, a people search, or a background checks in a matter of minutes. It is much faster than other programs that rely on the website queue to provide information.

Free to Use: NumLooker is free to use and provides all of its features to visitors without charging a subscription charge. Any of its tools can be accessed straight from the company’s website. As a result, it is the most effective solution that does not require you to pay for its services.


PeopleFinderFree is a reliable resource for finding who is calling me from this phone number. Using a comprehensive reverse phone lookup service, you may choose from a wide range of information acquired from databases.


Personal information, social media accounts, jobs, and schooling are just a few of the things that PeopleFinderFree can help with. To acquire unique information about the phone number being searched, the user only needs to type in the phone number.


This is a search engine that helps you find people quickly. Do you want to know who phoned me at this number? FindPeopleFast assists customers in obtaining a full report on the background check performed on the individual associated with the phone number. It contains personal information about them, such as phone numbers, aliases, and home addresses.


Because it’s vital to know who’s calling on the other end of the line, you’ll need a fast service that can transmit information in seconds. FindPeopleFast offers this service, which asks the consumer to simply input the phone number to be looked up.

Final Thoughts

Searching for people on social media sites appears to be a time-consuming task. Platforms like NumLooker, on the other hand, ensure that you have easy access to public information. After reviewing its services, we’ve concluded that the platform is trustworthy and provides timely access to dependable information.

The finest part is that this tool may be used by beginners without any assistance. Furthermore, the services are free and do not require registration.

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