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10 Useful Tips To Work Abroad

Tips To Work Abroad

Imagine going out to explore the world and, by chance in life, you stay to study and work abroad. This a great goal for many reasons! The importance of traveling goes beyond meeting new people, incredible places or simply leaving your comfort zone. That is why we will give you 10 tips for working abroad and nothing stops you.

And if moving to another country is something that you have already been thinking about, you could start by finding out which are the countries with the best quality of life in the world. Thus, you will ensure a better professional and work future. In the meantime, follow these tips to work abroad and not die trying (figuratively, of course)!

The job offer becomes very, very wide when you expand your horizons beyond your city. You have a whole planet to choose from and, as always, your choice will depend on your interests, vocation and lifestyle. There’s a lot to talk about, but for now we’ll stop beating around the bush. Write down these tips to find a job abroad!

1. Learn English

Since we have been giving you hints about translating your CV, perhaps the most important tip for working abroad is to learn English. No matter which country you choose, be it Spain or Japan, knowing English will open many doors for you anywhere on the planet, since it is one of the five most widely spoken languages in the world.

And do you know what is better than studying English? Well, study English abroad! It is no secret that immersion is a decisive factor in perfecting a second language and in the best countries to learn English this will be a fact. In any case, it does not hurt to learn the basics to survive the first days.

2. Search For Information And Adapt Your CV To The International Market

To find information and create an impressive resume with the most used and effective models in other countries, the Internet is your best ally. It is worth reminding you that, more than a suggestion, it is an order to have an English version! And enlarge the combo with a cover letter that will surely serve you.

In addition to the digital version that you will send by email, do not underestimate or leave out the printed version. How vintage! When you arrive anywhere in the world, you will see that going around the city and distributing your CV in the businesses that most attract you is still an effective practice for working abroad.

3. Use International Job Boards

Most likely you have heard of Indeed or MonsterJobs, or maybe you already have a profile created on these platforms. These are two of the most popular examples of metasearch engines for job offers in different countries of the world.

If you didn’t know them, you just have to create a profile, fill out your virtual CV (in English, of course) and start reviewing job offers from your phone or computer. Also, this is a good way to research the job market in the city of the country you chose to work in.

4. Be Flexible

We have to be realistic: nothing is easy in this life, but neither is it impossible. Another of our tips for working abroad is not to be very demanding, as it can cause you frustration. Most likely, at first, you will have to dabble in jobs without experience, but this happens here and in China.

Focus on the fact that this is something temporary that will help you gain experience, improve your English and add stories. Later you will be able to get better job opportunities abroad for young people.

5. Use Social Networks

If you cannot be without checking your social networks, you can also use them to your advantage to look for work abroad. LinkedIn is currently the professional network par excellence and, after updating your profile and translating it, you can connect with people from other countries, especially the one you chose to travel to.

Another useful tools are Facebook’s jobs section, which allows you to select a location and show you job openings around you. And on Instagram, you can create a professional account to showcase your work if you pursue careers related to photography or art. Making yourself known is crucial!

6. Do Freelance Work

Another of the most appreciated and put-into-practice tips for working abroad is to digitize your profession and work as a freelance. Adding a professional portfolio along with your CV, your creative book, or your reel will bring more chances of hiring, and above all, it will help you not to stop generating income.

In addition, that independence already gives you the necessary experience that many recruiters look for in their candidates. The advantage of being a freelancer is that you get your own track record to back you up. Do not forget to promote yourself in the best way to also get clients.

7. Become a Digital Nomad

If your passion is to travel, but you are concerned about the economic issue, this modern alternative may be ideal for you. Unlike working as a freelance, a digital nomad can have a remote contract, with a fixed monthly salary, or start an online business. That is, the range is wider if we talk about online jobs.

Of course, not everything is a Disney story. If the lack of fixed schedules, the imminent mix of work with the personnel, or having to work with jetlag is not a problem for you, then think no more. This is one of the newest tips for working abroad in this digital age.

8. Don’t Stop Making Friends (a.k.a. networking)

We clarify that it is not right to use people for your interests, but it is also true that some friendships you make in your new city can become professional contacts. For this, the first thing you should do is get rid of shyness and start interacting. Of course, beware of pyramid scams.

To your relief, breaking the ice is not going to be difficult in multicultural countries like Australia or Spain, where their main cities are full of people from all over the world, that is, people like you. Also, nothing like making friends from all over the world. Who knows, you may decide to start a business abroad with your new group.

9. Attitude, Attitude, and Attitude

Surely the cliché phrase alarm has been activated, but it is true! Attitude is a decisive factor, and we are not just talking about being constant when faced with the first refusal to work abroad. If you do not speak English, your ace up your sleeve in a job interview in Anglo-Saxon countries will be body language.

Fear is natural, even if you know how to speak English. Add to that that is in a new place and far from home can be intimidating. In that case, showing confidence and hiding your nerves will be favorable for you. And this will not only help you find a job abroad, believe us.

10. Study Abroad

If you can study English abroad, of course, you can do other types of study while you spend your days away from home. Many countries with a high level of education such as Australia, Canada, or New Zealand open their doors to young people from other countries to pursue careers in various areas.

The great advantage of studying abroad is that with a student visa or a Work and Holiday (depending on the study destination) you can also work. In this way, you not only recover your investment and save to travel more, but you also add more value to your resume and empower yourself at an academic, professional, and personal level.

And just like English courses, there are also great options for studying abroad and working at the same time. Take a look at these vocational courses! Do not forget to fill in your information if you want to find out in detail how to start the adventure.

If you have noticed, these tips for working abroad are interchangeable. With them, we hope not only to guide you but also to encourage you to do so. You will be surprised with everything that is out there waiting for you to discover it. Dare yourself! We love to travel. Do not hesitate to tell us what you think of the idea. We read each other!

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