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What Matters When You Think About Buying Bourbon Online?


Bourbon is a brown spirit, you must know and spot it among other brown drinks. It is essential to know before buying bourbon whiskey. Apart from this, you might know that bourbon is a name given to the whiskey or product prepared in the US. Bourbon is a whiskey made from 51% corn, and once used barrel cannot be used again for aging bourbon. Now, the task is to spot the difference and remember you cannot spot every brow spirit as bourbon. 

Picking a barrel of bourbon is an art, and while you buy bourbon online, you have to participate in this sensory experience. Selling the right and authenticated bourbon is a task, and a few online stores do that. Purchasing bourbon online should be worth your time, money, and taste. You must know different bourbon categories, their taste, top-selling bourbon whiskeys, and all. We have covered the essential aspects of this article.

In this article, we have mentioned the categories of bourbon. 

Bourbon has several categories. Have a look below

1. High Rye

If you are a lover of bold and spicy flavors, high rye is for you. Spice up your drinks by incorporating High Rye category bourbon because it has more than 8-10% rye. For example, Four Roses single-barrel bourbon. It comes under the High rye category because it has 35% rye.

2. High corn 

Corn whiskey is an American whiskey distilled containing 80% corn in it. The corn-based whiskey gets aged in an uncharrred container. The main difference between them is that the bourbon gets aged in charred containers.

3. Wheated/ Wheater

The bourbon that has wheat in the mash bill is known as wheated bourbon. You can easily recognize this category of bourbon because this category incorporates wheat.  

4. Cask strength 

Those people who love dizzy flavors and adventure must try barrel-proof bourbon. Cask Strength Spirits do not contain water as they come from the barrel straight. Cask-strength has more flavors than its other counterparts. Cask strength is also known as barrel proof and barrel strength.  

5. Single Barrel

Single barrel bourbon is considered the classy and premium class of whiskey. The single-barrel whiskey bottles come with a barrel number and dates for the aging process. Single barrel bourbons are made of grains like rye, wheat, corn, and malted barley. 

Kentucky is a place from where 95% of bourbon comes. Here are some rules for bourbon. These are:

  • While manufacturing bourbon, the mash must be 51% corn.
  • Bourbon must be charred in a new oak barrel. 
  • Bourbon distilleries were used to make Alexander Fleming’s Penicillin on a massive scale. 
  • Bourbon barrels can be used once for keeping the bourbon. 

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Here are the best wheated bourbons that you can drink 

1. Larceny: Small batch 

Larceny is made from a mash bill that contains 20% wheat. Considering the taste, this whiskey has a sweet and complex taste. If you love wheated bourbon flavors, this is the best option. The price of Larceny is reasonable and affordable, great for making your favorite cocktail. 

2. Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond 

KENTUCKY releases this Old Fitzgerald bottle twice a year and is bottled at 100 proof. You can easily find this bourbon on Cost Plus Liquor’s online store. 

3. Jefferson’s ocean Wheated. 

 If you have this thought of gifting bourbon to someone, go for Jefferson’s ocean Wheated. It is an interesting wheated bourbon, and you can give it to anyone as a present. This wheated bourbon has a funny story and a classy gift.

4. 1792 sweet wheat

The bourbon is crafted with wheat rather than rye. It won’t be wrong to say that this bourbon is distinct from others. You can present it to your colleagues or friends, or distribute it at your get-together party at home.

It gets challenging to find the best bourbon. Cost Plus Liquors has a wide range of bourbon and whiskeys available to make bourbon shopping easy for you. You need to explore their website and put the best ones in the cart. The bourbon barrels are more in number than the people in Kentucky. There are 4.3 million people who live in Kentucky, but bourbon barrels are more there.


Do you think you should buy bourbon online? If yes, you must know everything from their categories to your taste preferences. It matters because rather than purchasing liquor you do not like, it is better to buy after gaining the correct knowledge. In addition, buying from a reputed and reliable website is also crucial. Streamline the delivery process of your favorite bourbons. Cost Plus Liquors has made it easier than ever for you to order your favorite bourbon online. Visit their website to shop for bourbons and bourbon whiskeys. You can trust Cost Plus Liquors because they have a wide variety of liquors available. Apart from having a variety of liquors, they offer home delivery services.

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