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Three Things You Can Do With a Tablet


There are many types of computers these days: desktops and laptops in all shapes and sizes, not to mention the computers we carry around in our pockets at all times: our smartphones! However, possibly the best of both worlds can be found in the tablet, which takes the idea of the smartphone and makes it bigger and more accessible for all!

Originally designed to be a useful and multipurpose technological tool for professional adults to read the news, answer emails, and keep track of scheduling, the tablet took on new life when kids got involved! The interactive element of tablet computers allows for a whole new range of possibilities when it comes to games and education, as well as communication between family members.

Here are three super cool things you can do with your tablet computer.

1. Video Chat as if You’re There

The advent of video calling – once the stuff of science fiction – is no longer a novelty. Skype has been around for computers for a very long time, and most people’s phones offer them the opportunity to video call via several different apps. However, tablets are by far the best way to utilize video chatting technology, whether you’re speaking to family far away, having a meeting for work, or simply calling a friend and wanting to see their face while you do!

Big tablets, in particular, are great for video chatting; while they give you the option of a wide screen for seeing loads of detail on your call, they are still portable enough that you aren’t tethered to one spot while you chat: ideal for wandering around while you have a good chin wag! 

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2. Engage with Interactive Worlds

Tablets are great for gaming of all sorts. Many smartphone games like Angry Birds, Tetris, or Bejeweled are even better on a bigger screen, and plenty of desktop and console games are equally delightful when done on a touchscreen. Trying out any of these games is a great use of your tablet, but there are even more in-depth places you can go with it!

Apps like David Wiesner’s Spot, which creates wonderful, embedded worlds of games and interactive activities, really explore the potential of the tablet and are well worth spending hours checking out. 

3. Create Worlds of Your Own

Tablets aren’t just apps for exploring other worlds or communicating in this one: using a tablet with the right collection of apps installed, you can actually make worlds of your own! Whether you are interested in filmmaking, music production, painting, or writing, tablets have many capabilities that allow for all sorts of fascinating creative pursuits. 

Illustrating apps are especially wonderful on tablets because of the way in which you can intuitively move through layers of images to create multi-dimensional pictures with very little effort. 

Video-making is another practice that shines with a tablet: many films have been made on phones, and the tablet offers all the same affordances with better access to editing tools!

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