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Shepreneur: Things Women Should Keep In Mind Before Launching Their Business


The term ‘Shepreneur’ is derived from the combination of two words – She and Entrepreneur. It is a term representing all the businesswomen in the economy, the brave females who chose to travel the path less traveled by. There are many examples of Shepreneurs who have proved to become idols for the young aspirants who wish to go against the social norms to taste success.

Vandana Luthra, Meena Srinivasan, Shalini Gupta, Shaheen Mistri, Deepika Jindal, Suchi Mukherjee, Vani Kola, and Tara Singh Vachani are the examples that prove that women can be Femme Fatale (in a positive sense) in the business field far beyond the glamour world.

Besides them, many queens venture out into the journey to climb the mountain of success; however, only a few emerge out at the summit from the dense fog. Besides having the traits of a shepreneur, there are many other things that any woman should keep in mind while launching a business.

Things Women Should Consider Before Launching A Business

Given below are four major factors that play a crucial role in bringing growth of the company run by female entrepreneurs.

Overcome Personal Questions

No matter how much a society develops, women still have to provide reasonable answers and explanations for every step they take towards progress. From personal questions like “are you planning to start a family soon?” to questions doubting their skills, for example, “How much do you know about business?” women have to answer everything that society has to ask. Without a doubt, the people are going to ask these questions, irrespective of how personal they are or how insulting they might get.

The best advice on overcoming these questions is not to let them bother you. Think of society as the curious minds eagerly searching for knowledge to develop. Don’t let these questions make you doubt yourself or get the best of you. In fact, consider them as a stepping stone, the more intense the questions, the more successful you are. Remember: when life gives you lemons, label them as yellow oranges and sell at twice the profit.’

Your Focus Determines Your Reality

Your business is like your baby, it requires 100% of your attention and constant care in the early stages. However, being a woman, there are thousands of things that you have to take care of. Make a schedule and allot fixed hours for completing all your other chores and dedicate the rest of the hours to your start-up Ideas. Staying in focus will determine how high your organization climbs in terms of success. 

Carrying too many things on your plate can mess up your focus span. At times, it can get too chaotic and fuzzy. It is advisable that you draw a very evident line between your personal and professional life. Make it loud and clear that no personal chore shall interfere with your business tasks and vice versa. This way, you can direct your undivided attention to your business. Quoting the words of Millie Leung, “In any business, it is impossible to do it half-heartedly and succeed.”

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

If there is anything stronger than a one-man army, it is a battalion led by a woman. Create a team of aspirants who are ready to sink and swim with the organization (you should add a very motivating, enthusiastic Bollywood song as the playback. It is said to increase the efficiency by 90%. Wink wink.)

With the number of responsibilities on the women, bringing the business to the success line singlehandedly seems like a drag. However, with, let’s say, three more pairs of hands, you can lift the business over your head and climb the triumphant ladder with ease. Moreover, people say that the distance you covered does not matter until you cover it with people who are ready to walk miles with you.

Take Risks Or Lose The Chances

Let’s make one thing clear: Opportunities do not see whether you are a male or a female. If you are prepared to take risks, the opportunities are ready to yield success. If you are a parent, you would know that you cannot teach your child to ride a bicycle without taking the risk of them falling when you let go. Likewise, you cannot bring success to a business without taking risks.

If you do not take the risk, someone else will. This mere decision of whether to deal with uncertainty or hide from it is what sets the market leaders apart from the market followers. Take risks in investing in securities, funding the projects, introducing new products, and exploring new markets. There is no charge to that “open sesame” phrase in real life; use it all you want. You never know when you might find the magic lamp behind that door.

Wrapping It Up

Despite the difficulties women entrepreneurs face in terms of social prejudice, additional household responsibilities, and statutory compliance in India alone, the success stories of those emerging successfully inspire the young minds. In business, there are no set rules to success; like Melinda Emerson once said, “You never lose in business, either you win, or you learn.” These tips are just an excuse to get you started, the power that it takes to become successful is buried deep within you (still, do not ignore these tips, they do work, actually!). Maybe someday, you too will be on the cover of the “Shepreneurs: women to watch” edition of The Entrepreneur.

Author Bio:

Shubham Joshi is an experienced content marketer at FactoHR. Passionate about training and development programs, he is always ready to help colleagues and customers by representing concrete ideas and methodology. Beyond work, he is well-equipped with problem-solving abilities.

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