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Things to Know Before Buying a Second-Hand Car: Beginner’s Guide

Buying a Second-Hand Car

If you are in the market of buying a second-hand car, what do you usually think firsthand? Perhaps, you will be looking after its quality and how its value matches your expectations.

Buying a second-hand car on Carantee is a smart investment since it is a better alternative to buying a new car.

According to Statista, from 2016 to 2020, the market price of new vehicles is $17,000 more than that of used cars that value $22,000 only. This uptrend might continue in the next few years. In buying a second-hand car, your aim, of course, is to save money. But how can you assure yourself that this cut of expenses will be beneficial upon buying it?

Having financing experts with you in your decision-making can save you from worries. If you are looking for a Toyota dealership near your area, you ensure that you will be getting the best price. If you cannot pay it outrightly, experts will be diligent in making your car shopping possible.

These experts may offer you a car that you can buy or lease. Either way, you can enjoy the free membership that they offer.

A nationwide lifetime warranty, complimentary 3-day exchange policy, and others are some benefits that you can get.

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1. Do Research, Look for Reviews

If you do not know how to buy used cars effectively, you need to research the vital points you want to achieve. For instance, how valuable is affordable? How old is doable?

Take note of the mile range, car age, and vehicle history report when you choose second-hand cars. Once you familiarize these, you can get the most bang for your buck with it.

● Eye for Good Mileage and Car Age

Check your car’s mileage and age before you purchase one. Mileage can help you identify the vehicle’s condition before conducting test drives. The car’s mileage is one of the various indicators of its reliability in use.

In general, the average annual mileage of a used car is 12,000. So if you buy a five-year-old car, you must check if its mileage is more than 60,000. You should check the available cars first and their mile range before you decide on what to buy. The more options you have, the wider your considerations should be. 

● Look for Vehicle History Report

As said, mile range is not the sole basis in identifying the second-hand car’s condition. If you want to buy a used car, you must double-check its history report. The report must include the car’s previous problems, prior accidents, maintenance and repair, and the number of past owners. 

When you check the vehicle history report, you will know when and where the car has been used and how it has been maintained. It is better if you know how the previous owner took care of your chosen car, including its issues.

2. Set your Price Range

You must establish a limit to your price range before you purchase your second-hand cars offered at an affordable price. If you have set your budget, it would be easier to negotiate with the sellers or the dealers.

You do not have to be physically present at the office to start negotiating with dealers if there are active responders who will provide you with live assistance a click away.

Always have in mind that you only choose the car that you can afford to have. If you are planning to pay it monthly, secure how much you can provide per month. Line up your possible finances before you buy your car, such as the possible services you will be needing. This includes car wash services, oil changes, and others.

Furthermore, you should look out for the possible benefits and savings you can get once you close a deal with them. Some offer 10% off in service labor, 10% off genuine Toyota Accessories, Nationwide Lifetime Warranty, and a lot more.

3. Look for Service Reviews

You should review the evaluations of the previous customers of your chosen dealership company. You should also check if this has satisfied customers and how known they are in the industry.

Don’t forget to check if they bagged various awards in the services they offer. This ensures that you are in the right place to purchase your car. 

Were their car-buying services designed to be easy and worthwhile for your budget and time?

4. Never Forego Test Drive

If you have many cars in mind that you like to purchase, you must conduct a test drive before buying any. It should be a priority as a buyer to test the car to ensure that all are working well. In buying a car, no one wants to experience buyer’s remorse or a sense of regret for an expensive purchase.

COVID-19 pandemic enables people to shop online. As a result, this might create a discrepancy between what’s real and what’s shown on the screen.

The 2021 Global Automotive Consumer Study from Deloitte shows that 71% of American buyers want to buy cars personally. The Harris Poll findings show that 61% of the consumers agree that the purchase process will change due to the impacts of the pandemic. 

The top concern, garnering half percent of the total consumers, is that vehicle test drives will no longer be the same as in person. Further, 80% of the consumers consider that test drives should be done face to face.

Over this, you check if they offer Express Test Drive that you can request to do a test drive at home or at work.


Every buyer has his or her reasons for buying second-hand cars rather than brand new ones. One must possess the knowledge and the specifics on what to look after and what to avoid in car-buying.

Car buying can be a smooth and easy experience with the help of experts. You got to figure out your dream car while insuring your pockets from unnecessary and extra expenses. Always make it a habit to research, review, and test before you purchase. This ensures that you get the most value out of your money.

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