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Things to Know About Auto Transport Quotes

Things to Know About Auto Transport Quotes

On average, it can cost you anywhere between $500 to $1,400 when relocating. And that’s just for a local move too!

If you’re planning on moving long-distance, you’ll have to factor in even more costs. For example, you might want to ship your car instead of driving it, as this will save you time, wear and tear, and money.

If this is the case for you, then you’ll want to do your research before you decide on an auto transport company. That way, you’ll get a better deal.

Below are some things to know about auto transport quotes!

Understand Your Choices

In an ideal world, you’d tell the car shipping company your start and end locations, and based on the distance, they’ll spit out an estimate. But unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

A number of things will affect your estimate, including the choices that are available to you. Here are some key ones.

Type of Trailer

Vehicles can be transported in either an open or enclosed trailer.

The more cost-effective option is open trailers. There are more truckers, and they’re able to fit more vehicles for one trip. This means you’ll save!

But if you have a luxury brand or classic car, you might not want to go with the open hauler route. This leaves your vehicle vulnerable to things like dust, wind, rain, hail, and snow, as well as theft. To best protect your valuable car, it can be worth it to spend a little extra for peace of mind.

Type of Shipping

How quickly you want your vehicle will affect pricing too.

For those who are in a rush, you can get expedited shipping. This, of course, comes at a premium, but by paying more, you’ll receive your car quicker. But it can still help you save money in the long run (for example, if you need it to get to and from work).

Economy shipping is for those who want to save some money and have a more flexible timeline. This type of shipping is recommended if you don’t need your vehicle urgently.

Standard shipping is the happy medium between the two. You’ll get your vehicle in a reasonable amount of time and you won’t have to pay a leg and an arm either.

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Not All Distances Are Charged the Same

You’d expect that besides the above factors, shipping a vehicle would be based on a flat rate per mile. But surprisingly, it isn’t!

For short-distance trips, the price per mile is higher than that for longer distances. For instance, This is because the further a driver can go, the more jobs they can fit in one.

Most auto shipping companies will charge $1.00 per mile for trips under 500 miles. On the other hand, if you’re traveling over 2,500 miles, the rate drops to just $0.40 per mile!

So long-distance transport is actually more cost-effective!

They’re Easy to Get

As long as you’re working with a reputable business, quotes should be easy to get. For example, many have shipping cost calculators on their websites where it takes just a few minutes to fill in information such as:

  • Your starting and ending zip codes
  • Desired dates
  • Type of trailer
  • Speed of shipping
  • Your vehicle type

After that, the site will give you possible scenarios and the quotes associated with them. And if you’re happy with any of your choices, just click to proceed with booking them. It couldn’t be easier!

If you’re not comfortable with doing things online, most (if not all) auto transport quotes from Ship Vehicles will also take phone calls. Simply tell the agent what you desire and they’ll be able to discuss things further with you and give you accurate quotes.

Always Request Multiple Quotes

Never choose the first company you talk with; not unless you’ve already explored other options. The first business might seem to offer a fantastic deal you can’t pass up. But in many cases, you can find something better!

Make sure you get at least 3 quotes. This allows you to see if anyone is charging too much or too little for their services.

The best course of action is to choose a company that has a quote in the middle. Outliers might be trying to reel you in with a “good” deal, only to tack on hidden extra fees in the end, or they just might be outrageously overpricing their services.

Ship in a Different Season if the Quote’s Too High

Maybe you’ve requested quotes from 5 different companies and they’re all way too expensive. What’s the deal here?

You might be trying to transport your vehicle during a busy season, such as summer. You can have all the same parameters for summer and spring, but prices for the former might be significantly higher than the latter!

So if you can, try waiting for an off-season to ship your car. You can drastically reduce the strain on your bank account this way!

The Things to Know About Auto Transport Quotes Will Secure You a Deal

By reading up about the things to know about auto transport quotes, you’ll manage the hiring process a lot easier. Plus, when you’re given quotes, you won’t be confused over them.

But by far, the best thing of reading up before diving into hiring auto shipping companies is you’ll be able to confidently tell if one is trying to rip you off. As a result, you’ll sign a contract with professionals who are affordable and can be trusted to get your car where it needs to be!

To find out more about the auto shipping industry, browse our other blog articles now!

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