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7 Must-Know Things about UpNest Which Was Subtly Hidden All This While

Things about UpNest Which Was Subtly Hidden

UpNest is a free internet service that matches home buyers and sellers with local real estate professionals. After giving UpNest some basic information about your requirements, you will often receive quotes from numerous agents within 24 hours.

After you provide your basic information, you will begin receiving bids from local agents. UpNest does not enable agents to examine the proposal of another agent, which operates similarly to a blind auction or blink match. That is the motivation for real estate brokers to lower their commissions in order to attract house buyers and sellers. UpNest’s network is dependable and fast, but there are no guarantees of savings because there are no pre-negotiated commissions or buyer rebates on your side.

UpNest distinguishes itself from other agent matching platforms by having real estate agents compete for your business. 

Theoretically, that level of competition should motivate UpNest agents to offer cheaper prices in order to win your business. The truth is more complex.

UpNest is quick, and its network agents are typically reliable. However, because it does not negotiate commission fees or buyer rebates on your behalf, the discounts aren’t as significant as they are with other cheap brands.

This article will unmask the 7 things you must know about UpNest which were subtly hidden all this while.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

UpNest Is Not Free For Anyone

The surprising fact is that UpNest advertises that it is free. History is proof that nothing ever is free. 

UpNest like any other service provider is a paid service irrespective if you are a buyer or seller, you pay UpNest indirectly. If you check out UpNest reviews on a leading review website, you’ll notice how often this is mentioned by others who have used their services. 

Another interesting thing to note here is that 30% of the partner agent’ commission goes to UpNest. 

Let’s see how UpNest charges buyers and sellers and if there is anything such as free as they advertise:


Home buyer’s rebates — a unique commission model is offered by UpNest agents where an agreement is created with the buyer in which the real estate agent adds a portion of their commission profits. This percentage of revenue is distributed to the buyer in the form of credits, which may only be used for specific purposes, such as the buyer’s closing fees. The buyer rebate rates are not expressly included in the agency bids. To minimize problems or confusion later in the process, it is best to clarify the rebate percentage early on.


When you select UpNest to sell your property, you’re charged the standard 5-6% commission on the sale of your house. This is split between the listing agent and the buyer agent. UpNest agents choose their own commission rates. It is normally 5-6 % of the sale price, shared evenly between your listing and buyer’s agents.

Referral Fee – UpNest’s Money Making Scheme

Whenever you approach UpNest to buy or sell your house through an UpNest partner agent, UpNest receives a portion of the commission that goes to UpNest in the form of a referral fee, and it is how it brings in profits consistently. Customers can continue to use agent matching services for free thanks to referral payments.

The other way UpNest makes money is by providing a home financing service. Even if you pick an UpNest partner agent, don’t assume that UpNest’s home loan product is appropriate for you. Compare several financing alternatives, just as you would with an agent, to ensure you’re receiving the best offer.

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No Obligation for a Long Term Relationship 

When you choose to work with UpNest, you’re not obligated to stay with them till your deal materializes. From the time you signup, within 24 hours, UpNest will send you a list of agents according to your preference for you to choose from. 

You will also obtain commission bids in your region and will be able to evaluate the pricing, services, and evaluations provided by the suggested agents. 

You have the option to review the agent’s proposal and other data without being obligated to select any of the suggested agents. It’s up to you if you want to keep hiring or look for another one. You may just walk away if nothing fits.

Plethora of Agents

UpNest works with hundreds of top agents from major national brokerages and boutique agencies across the United States. When it comes to being a part of their network, the agents are not charged anything for advertising or membership fees, so all agent matches are based solely on your criteria and preferences. UpNest’s fastidious tendency in hiring partner agents is a crucial component in their industry-leading pool of highly qualified realtors and professionals. The selection of the partner agents’ is very rigorous and thorough. Rest assured they select the best of the best.

Poor Customer Service

Unsatisfactory customer service is unappealing, and UpNest has failed to tighten the reins on its support personnel. According to the UpNest evaluations, some agents are incredibly helpful and educated, while others fail to answer simple queries. 

If you have a problem with your UpNest agent and are in the middle of a contract dispute, you should contact your UpNest Advisor.

Furthermore, because UpNest Advisors lack licenses, they lack in-depth expertise in the real estate market. UpNest offers a poor customer care approach, with restricted help hours and internet chatbots that do not answer quickly.

Easy-Peasy Dashboard

UpNest’s online customer dashboard is simple to use and allows you to easily compare agent matches. Because you will receive a large number of matches, it is critical to have a dashboard that allows for simple comparison shopping.

The bids you receive from agents are detailed, and every element contributes to the smooth operation of the agent shopping process. This single-screen comparison shopping allows you to assess the matching agents based on many factors. 

Unlike competitors who rely on phone or text to provide this information, with just a few clicks, the customer dashboard allows you to contact the matching agents or your UpNest Advisor directly.

Active Operations in over 50+ States 

UpNest provides excellent coverage and is accessible across 50+ states as well as Washington, DC. It typically has at least one realtor in your region because it has a network of 14,000 agents.

Even in remote places and tiny towns, that UpNest had an agent on hand. Finding a high-quality agent in remote locations is a challenge for some other agent matching platforms. This is where UpNest stands out

On the flip side, things are not always so smooth and there were times — even in big cities — when UpNest provided customers with numerous agents to pick from, but only one of them had expertise in that particular town or area. To get a better understanding of this, check out the UpNest reviews on Trustpilot and Google.

Who Should Use UpNest?

If you’re searching for an excellent agent but don’t care about customer service or discounts, UpNest is the way to go. UpNest performs an excellent job of screening its agents, so anybody you are connected with will most likely have a solid sales record.

While it normally does a good job of matching your needs to an agent, it isn’t flawless. You may receive an agent that lacks expertise in your neighborhood, which is why you should frequently compare UpNest agents and agents from nearby companies.

Where UpNest falls short is in customer service and savings. UpNest’s rivals often react to consumer inquiries substantially better. Also, most UpNest agents charge a 2-2.5 % listing fee, which isn’t any better than what you’d pay if you hired an agent on your own.

What Is The Alternative?


One of the best alternatives is choosing Houzeo for selling or buying a property. Regarded as America’s #1 For Sale by Owner and Flat Fee MLS platform, Houzeo is known for facilitating and simplifying the home-selling process and making buyers’ and sellers’ lives hassle-free. 

Where on one hand UpNest has a restricted number of agents, Houzeo allows you to pick your own agent and enjoy your custom-made package services. Most of the paperwork is online to reduce the headache of filling up a pile of documents. The most basic package is $199 where you can offer your house for sale by owner for while at the same time there’s no commission involved to pay.

To know more, check out Houzeo reviews at leading review websites such as Trustpilot and Google.


UpNest refers to their own agent while on the other hand, Redfin has staff that holds your hand and takes you through the process. 

Redfin is a real estate brokerage platform that provides local support staff and agents that will work with you from the beginning to the end of the transaction. 

Redfin offers similar services to a typical full-service realtor while charging a lower commission as compared to UpNest.

The only negative part of hiring Redfin is that there is no personal relationship you can establish with your agent. Since you will be assisted by a group of people, they will be unable to customize your experience.

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