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The Top Six Beads for your Jewelry

Top Six Beads

Crafting jewelry is enjoyable, especially if you love making necklaces, anklets, bracelets, earrings, and other accessories. What makes it even more satisfying is that you get to choose the materials, one of which is selecting the best beads.

You might be surprised to learn that beads come in assorted sizes, shapes, and colors. A handful of beads are for specific jewelry, while others are universal that can fit anything.

This piece will guide you to recognize the multiple types of beads you will need to make a beautiful necklace.

1. Wood Beads

Wooden beads are one of the most popular for aesthetic or minimalist design. 

Wood beads came from natural wood, painted with various colors or polished to reveal the wood’s natural tones and surfaces.

Technically, it is the one that most individuals utilize to give their appearance an aesthetic feel. It is also easy to match it to clothing styles and other accessories linked with your look due to its natural tint. 

You may find a wide range of patterns and styles with these wooden beads, and buying in bulk can save you money.

2. Semi-precious Beads

Our semi-precious beads, which are most likely to become colorful, are next in line. Most of these varieties come from genuine semi-precious stones, including amethyst, jade, tiger eye, amazonite, etc.

This type of bead is different from the wooden ones, usually in a circle shape. They will keep their natural look with their diverse forms, but they have been thoroughly polished to be as brilliant and stunning as possible, so you can make a big statement with them on whatever jewelry item you like.

3. Resin Beads

Resin Beads

You have seen plastic-looking beads that are heavier but lighter than the precious-metal ones. Then it is the Resin beads which is the topic of conversation among jewelry designers.

Most manufacturers make Resin beads look like glass, metal, or stone, among other things. They came from metal molds and various forms and patterns, including flowers, letters, and notable designs.

The beads have mixed styles, appearances, and colors, making them appropriate for almost any form of jewelry you wish to make.

4. Metal Beads

Metal beads are the heaviest beads on our list, but it does not diminish their value. Many people apply this product to bracelets to obtain a rock star image.

Metal beads come from cast metal and are used nicely as spacers in jewelry. It can also produce incredibly detailed shapes and patterns, like loops or creature structures, as seen on the locks of your jewels.

You can have them painted in beautiful hues or leave them in their original touch of iron, silver, gold, and other metals.

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5. Glass Beads

Glass Beads

Glass beads, whether on a bracelet, necklace, or earrings, are one of my favorites. You can use this to finish any style, and it is affordable compared to other precious materials that you can get.

Glass beads have a more translucent aspect to the colors and are more limited in the shapes you can use than other types of beads, but they are still a helpful accessory.

Glass has a unique way of holding colors, as if it reflects your favorite hue, especially if it comes with a blend or pattern of colors. These glass beads bulk orders are accessible on marketplaces if you wish to try making one piece of jewelry.

6. Ceramic Beads

Ceramic beads came from clay and ceramic material, which explains why they have a particular shape and brilliant colors. These beads were heated over a fire to obtain their beautiful finish, and they are popular because of their natural materials.

The Bottom Line

Beads are one of the most used jewelry components that offer your goods a lovely and unique style, whether a necklace, bracelet, anklet from Puravida Bracelets, or other accessories.

The attractiveness of these items can enhance your appearance, and you can retain them for a long time because they are sturdy.

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