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7 Tips To Find The Right Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Some of the most gruesome accidents worldwide involve pedestrians. They are entirely exposed and often sustain significant injuries when knocked down by a vehicle. If you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident or know someone who does, it would be best to contact an experienced and reputable pedestrian attorney to argue your case legally. In addition, they can also help in proving liability in a pedestrian accident case and get the compensation you deserve.

However, you may find it difficult to find the right attorney, especially if you’ve never been involved in such an accident before. Fortunately, this article will provide you with seven handy tips to obtain the right pedestrian accident attorney depending on your needs. Please continue reading to discover more about these tips.

Find An Experienced Attorney

The first aspect to consider when looking for a pedestrian accident attorney is whether they have focused experience. There are myriads of attorneys, but not everyone will provide the same level of service and dedication. Ensure you find a qualified attorney who possesses experience in your type of case, as they can bring with them real-world perspective and knowledge in your specific case. Therefore, it would be best to find someone who has previously handled situations such as yours, as it will enhance your confidence in the case.

Seek Recommendations

Don’t hesitate to ask around for referrals and recommendations. Although attorneys cannot please all their clients, it’s unreasonable to expect perfect reviews from them. Therefore, it’s important to trust your family and friends’ referrals, whose opinions could be of immense significance to you.

Once you find positive and honest reviews on some of the best pedestrian accident attorneys, you can move forward with confidence. Furthermore, you can check out feedback and testimonials from different clients to determine how reliable and trustworthy a particular attorney is.

Find An Attorney You’re Compatible With

Although it would be best to find a bulldog that will fight bravely on your behalf, you also should ensure you find someone you share some chemistry with. Attorneys are quite privy to personal information and could be part of your life for months or years.

Take your time to evaluate and pick an attorney you can gel with and feel comfortable approaching whenever you have an inquiry. During the course of your legal case, you may find that sometimes you’re frustrated with what’s going on, and such trying times are when you need to be heard and reassured.

Choose An Attorney That Works On A Contingency

If you can, try choosing a pedestrian attorney that isn’t paid hourly fees–find someone who works on a contingency basis. Working on contingency means you won’t pay them directly, but they’ll receive some of the award proceeds. As a result, you reduce your risk substantially and have an established professional working on your behalf.

Most contingency rates range at 30% but could be higher if your case is complicated or evolves into a trial or lawsuit. 

Consider Several Accident Lawyers

Since great attorneys provide free consultations and work on contingency, it would be best to evaluate four or five before choosing the right one. Take advantage of the consultation phase and inquire about your expectations and experience. When you engage in consultations, it’s easy to determine the attorney you share the most chemistry with and determine the ideal professional for the job.

Inquire About Their Success Rate

The attorney’s success rate is as important as their experience. Determine the number of pedestrian accident cases they have successfully settled or lost. If they won reasonable cases, how much was the compensation? Such details will offer fundamental insights and communicate what you can roughly expect from the case. Great attorneys often provide you with these insights and indicate the average lump sum you can expect in the compensation.

Don’t Be Tricked By Guarantees Or Promises

Although attorneys often tell you what to expect in a compensation claim, they cannot guarantee you an exact outcome or amount. It’s quite hard to determine what to receive from a claim, especially if you’re still in the early stages. Each claim is different, and factors such as the other party’s insurance provider, other victims in the accident, the extent of your injuries, and the judge (if the case goes to trial) play a role in the outcome.

Fortunately, great attorneys will be forthcoming and frank with you to avoid disappointments or surprises.

Final Thoughts

It’s possible to negotiate a pedestrian accident settlement by yourself. However, experienced and skilled attorneys are often specialized in traversing the complex legal avenues to ensure you receive the settlement you deserve. These professionals will also concentrate on additional damages, such as suffering and pain. They lift your burden of negotiating the legal case so you can recover with minimal disruptions.

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