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Ketotifen In The Optics Industry: All You Need To Know


It is a well-known fact that research liquids play a vital role in the smooth and accurate discovery of therapeutic drugs. However, with research liquids like Ketotife, there have been breakthroughs where its use in therapeutics has entered the field of optics.

This is due to the attempt of scientists and researchers to find ways of ocular drug administration through contact lenses made of silicone hydrogel that is loaded with ketotifen. 

One of the foremost requirements for this discovery is the availability of high-quality ketotifen with no impurities that can hinder clinical trials and the manufacturing process of the ocular drugs. Scientists and researchers can opt to buy research liquids from trusted distributors online. Before getting into the details, let’s take a look at how ketotifen finds application in the optics industry. 

How Does Ketotifen Help In Ocular Drug Administration?

For the purpose of ocular drug delivery, ketotifen fumarate is added to lenses made of silicone hydrogel. The tensile strength of the lenses and the equilibrium swelling ratio of the hydrogel matrices determine the stability and practical usage of this method.

The first step is to soak the lenses in a ketotifen solution to see how much drug they can load. Then, it is followed by in vitro testing, which is compared to in vivo tests. The result of the clinical trials testing these found that ketotifen reacted better in the silicon lenses than in the fluid form.

This is important because of the preexisting issues that make ocular drug delivery through fluids difficult. One of the major issues is maintaining the optimum concentration of the research liquid in the fluid drug. As a result, there has been a steadily rising interest in using research liquids like ketotifen in lenses and the optics industry in general.

Aims Of Using Ketotifen In Ocular Drug Delivery

Some of the major aims of using ketotifen in ocular drug delivery through lenses are:

  1. Improvement in maintaining the concentration of ketotifen in the lenses
  2. Improving the bioavailability of the ketotifen concentration in the lenses
  3. Reducing the need for frequent administration
  4. Increasing the mean retention time of the drug
  5. Making ocular drug delivery through lenses more practicable and available in the market.

Advantages Of Using Ketotifen In Lenses

Ketotifen is one of the most important research liquids regarding ocular therapy. Some of its major advantages are:

  1. Rigorous clinical trials and tests show that silicone hydrogel lenses have hydrophobic and hydrophilic phases during soaking.
  2. Ketotifen absorbs well into the lenses in the hydrophilic phase.
  3. During the hydrophobic phase, the ketotifen is released slowly. 
  4. This is important for longer drug administration without the need for replacements.
  5. With a higher hydrophobic phase, ketotifen’s bioavailability increases, making it an effective method of ocular drug delivery through lenses.
  6. The lenses loaded with ketotifen show far more bioavailability than fluid forms of drug administration.

Summing Up

Research liquids like ketotifen are essential for making breakthroughs in optics and finding more efficient ways of ocular therapy. To facilitate that, labs and research facilities must have proper access to high-quality ketotifen, which increases the accuracy of the clinical trials and hence saves costs. Check out Lotilabs, one of the most trusted sources for buying quality research liquids today.

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