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Life’s A Beach When You Live In The Northern Beaches

The Northern Beaches

Australia is famous for its beaches, with good reason- the island continent boasts approximately 34 000 kilometers of coastline, so there is plenty of sand and sea to choose from! Every year thousands of Australians and tourists from around the world flock to Australia’s beaches, and with good reason, they are among the world’s best. You might be someone who is thinking of joining them for a holiday in the surf, but what if a short stay wasn’t enough?

The ocean calls you, and it’s so hard to tear yourself away from it. If that’s the case with you, then ask yourself- why not make your home there?   Real estate agents in The Northern Beaches area of New South Wales offer a wide variety of properties for both sale and rent, everything to suit your unique needs. They can help you make your beach dreams come true.

Why The Northern Beaches?

When we think about Australia’s ocean attractions the first thing that comes to mind is very likely The Great Barrier Reef, and rightfully so, it is one of the natural wonders of the world and has earned a place on many traveler’s bucket lists. The Great Barrier Reef certainly is a fantastic place worth visiting, but for the person who is thinking of making their beach stay permanent, the Northern Beaches have a lot to offer. The people who make the region their home have a very Australian laid-back attitude. Each village is special, but all share a warm sense of welcome. Let’s take a closer look at some of what The Northern Beaches has to offer!

Manly, The Gateway To The Northern Beaches

Manly is just a thirty-minute ferry ride from Sydney’s famed harbor, making it an ideal spot for anyone who wants the beach lifestyle, but needs to commute to a job in the city. Manly boasts a wide variety of restaurants, there is something to match anyone’s tastes, and of course that seaside mainstay, fish, and chips. Manly’s beaches are the perfect place for water sports, from sailing, and snorkeling, to surfing, whatever floats your particular boat, Manly has plenty of excitement to go around!

Akuna Bay

This quiet little town 40 kilometers from Sydney is the perfect place to take it easy. Dine in shady cafes by the seaside, or try your luck fishing off the wharf, Akuna Bay is the ideal place to live out your seaside dreams.

Long Reef

If your favorite ocean attraction happens to be underwater, then Long Reef is just the place for you. There are several famed shipwrecks for the adventurous scuba diver to explore, and Long Reef Aquatic Reserve is home to the fantastic sea life Australia is famous for. Why not make your home here, then dive in?

So, if living by the sea is for you, make sure to give Australia’s Northern Beaches a look, come and stick a toe in, the water is fine.

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