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A Warm Welcome Awaits The New Car Wash Usa Express In Mountain Home, Arkansas

Warm Welcome Awaits The New Car Wash Usa

The new Car Wash USA Express has been visited by more than 1,600 residents of Mountain Home, Arkansas since its opening on April 26. As the only express car wash service within 150 miles of the north Arkansas community, Car Wash USA Express provides the region with a friendly, effective 3-minute car wash.

The venue is offering a special promotion on its unlimited monthly wash program, Unlimited Fast Pass®, to promote Mountainair Home Car Wash USA Express. They are offering a $25 Super Wash Fast Pass® option exclusively for Mother’s Day to Father’s Day. For the four weeks following the date of purchase, these passes ensure unlimited washes, valued at $10 each and they automatically renew each month thereafter.

To ensure that all vehicles are treated with care, the Company’s express washes use biodegradable soaps and industry-leading soft-touch foam brushes. With reverse osmosis water filtration and a powerfully advanced dryer system, every wash ends with a spot-free finish. Recently, Car Wash USA Express presented a proprietary Polymer Pro sealant. It shields paintwork from road grime and water for an unequalled gloss long after clients have left the car wash.

This service is located at 124 Wal Mart Drive, Mountain Home, AR 72653. We are open 7 days a week. Everyone will get a free vacuum service. The starting price of their service is $7-20.

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