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The Job Market In Edmonton Can Be Tricky To Navigate, But Recruiters Can Find The Right Talent Fast

Job Market In Edmonton

As new tools, strategies, and resources emerge in the hiring industry, Edmonton recruiters must remain aware of any new tools, strategies, or resources which emerge, in addition to maintaining their internal processes.

An effective recruiter possesses an eye for detail and strong “instincts.” Additionally, they possess the skill set necessary to sell candidates on jobs and positions they represent.

Job Boards

Job boards can be an essential tool in the recruiting process, enabling recruiters to quickly access a large pool of candidates and quickly compare resumes.

They also enable recruiters to reach passive candidates who may be useful as sources for referrals or may otherwise remain unnoticed by recruiters. Furthermore, job boards allow recruiters to track candidate activity such as interviews, offers and hires – helping them make smarter hiring decisions in future.

When posting to job boards, it is vital that each advertisement be tailored specifically for its audience. This will increase the odds of finding applicants who will fit your role and company culture well, while including relevant keywords and descriptions can ensure search engine visibility for your ad. You can visit this site for tips on writing a job description.

Once a candidate has applied, it’s essential that recruiters follow up. Doing so helps recruiters identify top applicants and close recruitment gaps. In addition, positive follow-up increases retention fourfold: candidates receiving positive responses will likely consider your company for future opportunities.

At the same time, it’s essential to keep in mind that hiring typically takes 28 days, so be realistic with your expectations when recruiting candidates. If your advert isn’t producing as many applications as expected or there isn’t an active candidate pool to draw upon then this could be a telltale sign that it needs revising or that candidate markets may not be strong enough for you to tap.

Social Media

Social media’s growing use is prompting recruiters to utilize it more than ever in their candidate search efforts, as it allows them to reach passive candidates who may not actively be looking for work. Furthermore, Edmonton job recruiters use this medium to engage with candidates and start a two-way dialogue. This technique has proven to be very effective.

Recruitment interviews give recruiters an opportunity to glean more information from candidates than what can be gleaned from their resumes, such as personality traits, work histories and interests. It also allows recruiters to see whether or not candidates fit well into company cultures.

Social media offers another advantage for recruiting talent: time and cost savings. Instead of posting ads or waiting for candidates to call back, recruiters can post job listings on social media and have them apply via private messages.

Employers posting jobs on social media should include an explanation of the role and any special qualifications. Furthermore, recruiters should encourage employees and followers to share the post within their networks so that it reaches more candidates more quickly.

Employers should leverage social media channels such as LinkedIn to highlight their company culture and perks to attract the right candidates, including posts relating to employee recognition events, office perks and flexible working options. You can click the link: to learn more about this social networking site.

Furthermore, recruiters must regularly check reviews from candidates in order to ensure that their experience with the organization was positive.


Referrals are an effective way of finding quality candidates quickly. Referrals tap into an employee’s extensive personal network, making referrals more targeted than generic job ads or headhunters – and are 55% faster and cheaper to hire than non-referred candidates!

To facilitate employee referrals, offer rewards in exchange for each candidate referred. Incentives could take the form of money, free products or services or other benefits.

In addition, implement a recognition program which acknowledges employees for their contributions to company culture – this will make employees feel valued and invested in your organization.

Success with employee referrals depends heavily on attracting high-quality candidates for each role you have open. An efficient recruitment process and written job description can increase your odds of locating ideal candidates.

Communication of the recruitment process with employees is also essential for an informed recommendation process. You can do this by sharing your hiring roadmap and outlining how recommendations will be evaluated.


Recruiters use interviews as an assessment tool and select candidates they believe will excel in the role.

Interviews typically follow screening of job applications and resume reviews submitted to a company, and typically involve asking candidates about their background, industry experience, strengths, weaknesses and goals in relation to the position at hand and job-related objectives.

Interview formats vary, including presentation formats or panel interviews where each interviewer asks specific questions related to management skills, customer service expertise or technical abilities of specific aspects of their roles.

Interviewers typically ask applicants about their hobbies and interests outside work during an interview. This question serves to assess whether an applicant will be able to work effectively as part of a team and cope with stress; additionally it allows the individual to showcase his or her personality and sense of humor.

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