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The Golden Rules of Accessorizing a Home

Accessorizing a Home

So you bought a new home or you just recently finished the construction of your home. The next obvious step is to accessorize it to suit your style and transform it into a cozy home for you and your loved ones. 

What guidelines do you need to follow to meet the goal? How will you ensure that the final interior finishing shout style and comfy? What rules must you follow to avoid needing to redo the work over and over again later on? Home accessorizing rules are guidelines that a person or interior designer can follow to attain a goal of a well-furnished home. Let’s have a look at them.  

1. Know Your Budget

Know Your Budget

Accessorizing a home is not just about going out and buying stuff that you may or may never use. To avoid unnecessary spending, you need a Budget. In the budget, create a list of all the things you need and their costs. Then you should counter-check with your finances to know how much you are willing to spend on average. From classy to budget-friendly items, know which store offers the prices you can afford. If you could look at, for instance, you see that they have items for the elegant kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom wardrobes that you can add to your home. 

The secret here is to create a list within your budget. Doing this saves you from frustrations and minimizes the chances of leaving some of the rooms in your home unattended. 

2. Measure Before Buying

Measure Before Buying

Home accessories cannot be bought blindly. Items that require fitting can be a real bummer if bought on the wrong measurements. So while you may love that microwave, make sure that it will fit its designated area. Gadgets and appliances that do not fit leaves the space looking unbalanced.

As you take the measurements, write down the width, length, and height. These measurements save you the trouble of returning the items because they cannot fit, as well as the possibility of empty fittings in your home. Taking measurements comes with a number of perks. Most significantly your items fit perfectly to avoid an asymmetry setting. 

3. Take a Step Back

Take a Step Back

Accessorizing every room in your home can be overwhelming. So it’s okay to feel confused and have no idea what a particular room needs. All you need to do is view the room in a holistic manner.  With this, you are able to know what’s missing and what needs to be removed. Moreover, it gives you a fresh perspective to make it more appealing. 

4. Pick Accent Colors

Pick Accent Colors

The last thing you want in your home is one color or looking like a circus club. It makes the interior boring. What you need is to be colors that complement each other. The color wheel will help you. Part of the color picking should be in furniture as well. For instance, if the color of the wall is agreeable-gray,  then your couches could be blue or turquoise. 

Having accent colors make your home more lively. It also gives the impression of having more room. 

5. Choose the Right Curtains

Choose the Right Curtains

The worst mistake you can make in the interior decor of your home is choosing short curtains. While they may serve the purpose, they make the room look incomplete. Pick full-length curtains. They will not only cover your windows properly, but it serves as a wall accessory in themselves.

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6. Have Multiple Lighting

Have Multiple Lighting

The golden rule of creating ambiance in a home is having multiple lighting. During the day, this can be achieved by drawing all the curtains to let in light. At night, consider different lighting sections that can be used to set a different mood and light the area perfectly. Doing this helps avoid dark patches in a room. 

7. Mix the Shapes

Mix the Shapes

Don’t allow the furniture in your home to be all right-angled. The nature of larger furniture pieces like sofas and storage units means that most living rooms will include a lot of rectangles and squares. Consider adding some circles to your area if you want to break the monotony of shapes. 

The Bottom Line

While it is hard to achieve absolute perfection with the interior decors of a home, creating an appealing setting is quite easy. The major takeaway with this is simple though; take measurements before buying, choose accent colors, the right curtains and mix up furniture. You can meet these criteria on any budget.

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