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The Fastest Ways to Level Up Mining in New World

Level Up Mining in New World

The grind of the New World is real. Users are going crazy over the game for a reason: leveling up in New World takes an enormous amount of time and energy. But besides all the important things, New World requires users to mine critical resources like food, oil, gems, potions, and more. However, it is more complicated than it sounds. 

Read on to find everything about mining and leveling up in the New World. Plus, you will also find about the Source Pro Equipment to help you with your mining in New World.  

What is mining?

Mining refers to the gathering of ore, stone, oil, gems, motes, and craft mods in the New World. Like many other MMO games, New World requires you to gather resources. Skills like Mining, Harvesting, Fishing, Harvesting, Logging and Skinning play a significant role in the game, and without excelling at all of these — you cannot level up your character. In other terms, you cannot acquire the title’s best gear. You will need a pickaxe tool to mine the resources and use them for your benefit. 

The reasons to acquire resources differ for many; for instance, some users mine ore to sell, whereas some users require the ore to craft items. Be it for any need — one thing is a must — mining is a must-have skill in New World. And without mastering it, you could not level yourself up. 

Find a mining loop

Despite being very slow to mine — iron Mining in New World is the easiest way to raise to Level 100. Yes, you can reach Level 100 in Mining — by just Mining iron. While there are many routes to mine iron — some of the best ones are: 

  • Monarch’s Bluffs: south of the Spirit Shrine, walk through the mountains and make your way west to reach Monarch’s Bluff. 
  • Everfall: another good spot near the Spirit Shrine — EverFall can be reached by heading down west and then taking an east via the mountain ranges.


Probably one of the most essential skills in the New World, Tracking is not problematic. In fact, as a player, all you have to do is keep playing the game, progressing — like chopping down trees, gathering resources, mining, and hunting animals — to be able to track more. 

Level 100 Logging

Not as demanding as Mining or Skinning, Logging is considered one of the most effortless ways to make money in the New World. Of course, the profits from Logging are not as significant as Mining — still, if you focus on chopping down wood and taking it to the Trading Post can earn you good money. The best strategy for Logging is to chop down the heavy trees, but the rules of the games say otherwise. At Level 1, you can only chop Young Trees. Once you reach — Level 50 — you can start chopping the Mature Trees. And you cannot chop Wyrdwood Tree until you reach Level 100 and the Ironwood Tree unless you reach Level 175. 

Every time you chop down a tree — you will gain logging skills. And this applies even when you are past the limit of the logging skill requirement. Even after reaching Level 100 — you will receive skills depending on the tree you chopped down, meaning Young Tress will only give some points, whereas chopping down the Wyrdwood Tree will add more skills fastly. But as keep passing the Levels — the advancement becomes slower and slower. So, you have to be careful and chop down only long trees to level up quickly in the New World. 

Level 100 and Skinning

Used for weapon, armor, and consumable recipe, animal skins is another essential gathering skill to master in the New World. To start Skinning — you will need a knife — either crafted or purchased at the Trading Board. You can skin some animals until you reach Level 30 and skin any animal after reaching Level 70. Unlike Mining, you can start anywhere to start skinning. 

Level 100 Harvesting

If you are Level 1 —  you will have to craft a Harvesting Sickle to harvest plants. But that is not the only thing you need. Unlike other skills, Harvesting could confuse players. This is because most plants require the same gathering skills to harvest. Once you have crafted a Harvesting Sickle —  you can increase your Harvesting Skills right after passing the Shipwrecks and the cutscene against Captain Thorpe. After you reach Level 30, you can Level up further by harvesting way below Windward. 

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Mining is complex, but it does not have to be if you pick the proper trails and strategically choose the best resources for your needs. If done effectively, mining could also make you money. Moreover, choose the right mining gears to efficiently Level Up, like Prospector’s Discipline at the start. 

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