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The Best Cities In Spain To Move With Family

Best Cities In Spain To Move With Family

Spain is a sunny land with an original flavor, various locations, and a well-developed real estate sector. It becomes clear why expats prefer to move with their families here. At present, foreigners make up 15% of the country’s population, however, this is not the limit. The source has compiled a list of cities that offer a wide range of employment, educational and recreational opportunities to foreign nationals. More about them below.

Housing prices in 2021

According to Trading Economics, in the third quarter of 2021, the house price index in Spain rose to 1661.60 euros/sq. m, compared with the second quarter of 2021, when the average cost was 1649.20 euros/sq. m.


The Spanish capital has an excellent bilingual public education system. Many closed schools teach international programs. Elderly people can work here.

Apart from education, Madrid has different places for the whole family. For families, there are world-famous museums, parks, numerous venues, exhibitions, cultural attractions, and much more.


In addition to Madrid, Barcelona has an excellent education system and various leisure places. Like Madrid, the capital of Catalonia has an excellent education system, attractions, and entertainment. It also has a high level of security, but unlike Madrid, it offers holidays on the coast. Moreover, the prices here are lower than in the capital.


The southern province of Spain is an ideal place for people of different budgets to live on the coast. The population density in the Costa del Sol is not as high as in Madrid, but this place also offers quality education for foreigners. In addition, Malaga has a large English-speaking community, numerous cultural and recreational facilities.


It is considered one of the most international cities in the country with good educational opportunities. There are many beaches for recreation, one of the most beautiful embankments of the country, and numerous opportunities for boat trips.


They have fabulous natural landscapes and diverse cultural activities, great learning opportunities for children, and large expat communities.

Purchasing real estate in Spain

For more information about current property prices in Spanish cities, please visit Spain-Real.Estate. The staff will select the best accommodation option for you, for example, a property in Barcelona, based on your preferences in location, price, and other parameters.

Specialists will also provide comprehensive support in making a deal: they will make it as safe and as easy to understand as possible. 

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