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The Advantages Of QR Code Packaging

QR Code Packaging

Quick response codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can be printed on product packaging. These codes have greater storage capacity than UPC barcodes and can be read from any direction. There are several approaches to QR code food packaging that brands should consider to increase customer engagement and brand loyalty. Find out more about how QR codes are the perfect complement to advances in flexible packaging technology.

Why Consumer Engagement Increases Brand Loyalty

A successful brand comes into contact with thousands or even millions of consumers. Engagement opportunities give individuals opportunities to respond to a brand. While a consumer can interact with a brand on social media, creating specific forums or opportunities for engagement can have the result of increased brand loyalty. Successful engagement can raise the valuation of a brand and its products among consumers. 

Recent studies show that providing consumers with ongoing opportunities for branded engagement has lasting effects on consumer equity. Consumers are more likely to keep buying products made by brands with which they have had positive interactions. Customers who continue to engage with a brand tend to have positive perceptions that go beyond purchasing preferences to positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations. 

Interactive Packaging

Many brands print information that can lead to engagement such as a website address or social media handles on the packaging. Designing custom mylar bags to feature QR codes can directly stimulate consumer interaction. When engaging with a brand is as simple as pointing a smartphone camera at a code printed on packaging, more customers are likely to engage.

Brands can increase interactions and engagement by using QR codes on packaging for specific purchases. Serialized QR codes linked to rewards for purchasing or repurchasing products are likely to lead to engagement and increase brand loyalty. Codes used to verify product authenticity can also lead to interactions. The design of the landing pages or information linked to in a QR code offers brands opportunities to direct consumers toward specific modes of engagement.

Smart Packaging Gives Consumers More Information

Consumers who are interested in a product or a brand often want to learn more. Smart packaging can provide information and direct consumers to forums for engagement. QR codes can be used to connect consumers to details about ingredients or more sourcing information. For products that focus on freshness, these codes can be used to track products across the supply chain and find out how long it takes individual items to reach consumers.

QR codes enable brands to provide much more information to consumers than it is possible to print on product packaging. Crowded packaging designs may have less shelf appeal than products that have simple designs and QR codes that invite consumers to find out more and engage.

Once brand representatives decide on the materials that will best protect and present products, they can consider options for QR code food packaging. Connected Packaging is an effective way to consumer engagement and information when nearly half of the global population, including 85% of Americans and 67% of Europeans, use smartphones that can function as QR code readers.

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