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The 9 Most Exciting Things to Do in Greece


With a colourful and vibrant mix of culture, history and the natural world, Greece, with its beauty, invites everyone. From adventurers to history lovers, everyone is likely to make their home here because one cannot find a lack of activities to enjoy in Greece. The place of Greece is awash in ancient mythology. If you want archaeology, historical research, and art and philosophy and culture, then a visit to this fascinating nation isn’t to be overlooked. Greece comprises a collection of beautiful islands surrounded by clear blue seas and are dotted with delicate white structures. There are also decaying ruins, exciting museums, and beautiful coastal towns that are abounding.

In Greece, mountains and seas meet in spectacular ways, and the bright, constant illumination bathes everything from the Mediterranean sun. Life here is what you decide to make it, whether an endless celebration or a tranquil event.

1. Visit the Acropolis

It’s impossible to ignore the rich history of Greek, and the Acropolis is regarded as the main attraction of any visit to Greece. It is among the most renowned places in the world, and a visit to this stunning site is, without doubt, one of the top activities to take in Greece packages.
Its architecture houses iconic sights like the demolished Parthenon and the temple of the goddess Nike and many others. The Acropolis is the site of the cult of many myths and myths Greece is famously known to have created.

2. Take a boat trip with a professional

Have fun sailing! If you’d like to experience the stunning seas that are Greece without the stress of navigating your vessel, think about hiring a tour guide or the tour that takes you through. Get Your Guide has hundreds of options with various costs and amenities to pick from.

3. Immerse in mythology and the Peloponnese

Greek mythology enthusiasts should pay attention that the Peloponnese region, which is a claw-shaped region southwest of Athens, is full of historical sites that you’ve only read in books, such as the halls of legends that were Olympus which is often referred to by the name of the Temple of Zeus in which the modern-day Olympics were invented (we are aware, it’s excellent!) and The Lion Gate of Mycenae, that Homer was able to write about throughout The Odyssey. The Peloponnese coast is among the top activities you can do while in Greece and is the ideal location to soak in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean by sailing or kayaking, or cycling along the coast to admire the breath-taking Greek views. Looking for more unique getaways? Check out San Marino, the least frequented nation in Europe.

4. Watch the Sunset in Santorini

The shapely crescent Cycladic Island formed by a crescent produces an intense eruption from the past. It is famous for its dramatic panoramas of the Aegean Sea and a rocky caldera which can be seen rising 1,100 feet above sea level. Its towns Fira as well as Ia, are located on the high point of the island. They offer spectacular and popular sunset viewing opportunities in the bay. With its gorgeous background, it’s not surprising that Santorini is a well-loved wedding spot.

5. Climb the Mountain of the Gods

The highest peak in Greece (2,918 feet) provided the backdrop to witness the struggles and tragedies that were the responsibility of twelve Olympian Gods. To honour Zeus and Zeus’s worship, a stunning sanctuary was constructed in Dion located at the foot of the mountain. This was where the city was quite prominent during Hellenistic times. This mountain is a stunning piece of rock with numerous trails, restaurants serving tasty soups and delicious games, and some tiny but beautiful waterfalls.

6. Visit the place where Zeus was born. Zeus in Crete

Its island, Crete, is awe-inspiring with its geographic diversities: palm-covered sandy beaches, abundant orchards, rolling hills, breathtaking mountain peaks, mysterious caves and the stunningly picturesque Samaria Gorge. People who love Greek mythology should go straight towards Ideon Cave, storied to be the place of birth for Zeus. After paying respects to Zeus, the god of supreme power Olympus, headed for Knossos, often referred to as “Europe’s oldest city,” and a Bronze Age archaeological site. The first settlement is believed to have been constructed there around the year 7000 B.C. 

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7. Visit the Beautiful Zakynthos Island

The country of Greece always surprises and, just after you think that you’ve seen everything to be amazed, you’ll see Zakynthos. Zakynthos is one of the islands on the Ionian Sea, and a visit there is very high on your list of activities to visit in Greece.

Named in honour of Zacynthus Zacynthus, the fabled great-grandson of Zeus himself, The island is considered one of the most luxurious natural treasures you could find in Greece. It is known as a home to abundant fauna and flora, and its rich biodiversity draws a steady stream of visitors all year long.

8. Uncover Lake Plastira

Lake Plastira is something unusual in Greece known as a place blessed by an abundance of natural beauty.

The thing that makes this lake special is that it’s an artificial lake, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive.

The lake is covered by chestnut and oak trees. You can take a rafting trip or canoe here, and also the possibility of riding horses or walking through the trails that surround the lake.
Lake Plastira is located in the Karditsa region of Greece and provides an exciting packed afternoon.

9. Marvel at the Epidaurus Theater

In the city of Epidaurus in the Argolis region Argolis, there is an Epidaurus Theater, A sacred space dedicated to the God of Medicine, Asclepius.

The sanctuary of Asclepius is situated next adjacent to the Theater, which means you can go to both simultaneously.

The theatre dates to the 4th century. You can take a seat in the stone tiers and think of seeing a show here in the time of the past.

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