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Taking A Dig Into The Life of Teri Debarge: Biography, Marriage, Struggle, Net Worth, and Current Status

Teri Debarge

Are you a soul vocal music lover? Then you are surely familiar with the Motown R&B group Switch and their famous lead singer Bobby Debarge. But, do you know about his lesser-known wife Teri Debarge? The story of a typical next-door girl before finding the love of her life in Bobby Debarge. 

Teri was born to not well-known parents in America around 1970, making her around 60 years in age. She met Bobby when she was very young through the latter’s ex-wife Monique Debarge. Teri had known Monique beforehand and was her relative. Teri’s claim to fame was mainly as Bobby Debarge’s wife.

There is not much information about Teri’s schooling and academics. She graduated high school and met Bobby soon after. After his death in 1995, Teri became a young single mother to two kids around the age of 25.

Make sure to read along to find out more about the lesser-known life of Teri Debarge. The Lemony blog have tried to bring to light various aspects of Teri’s life, her lifestyle, marriage, how she met Bobby, her struggle, current status, and net worth. You are in for a very interesting read. Be sure to read more.

Early Life Of The Girl Next Door. 

Teri Debarge led a pretty normal life till her mid-teens. She has a loving family and is American by nationality. She is Christian by religion. There is not much known about her birthplace or birth date. She met Bobby when she was around 15 years old in 1985. She is around 60 years as of now. Teri has not studied past high school, leaving her academics after she met Bobby. There is no information about her parents, siblings, profession, or current status. The family has kept their personal life under wraps.

Physical Stats Of Teri Debarge

Teri is around 5 feet 2 inches in height and 50 kg in weight. She has black hair and black eyes. She boasts of a beautiful appearance with those features. 

Teri’s Shot To Fame  

Teri’s Shot

Teri, who otherwise had a normal life shot to fame after meeting Bobby. She met bobby through Monique Debarge who is Teri’s relative and Bobby’s ex-wife. When the pair met first Bobby felt an instant connection with Teri and approached her. Their meet-ups started getting more frequent. In time, Teri fell for Bobby as well. They started dating after a while, and they found each other compatible. The couple got married after a year of dating each other. Teri and Bobby shared a happy married life till 1995 when Bobby passed away unfortunately due to a long illness.

Teri Debarge’s Famous Husband.

Robert Louis Bobby Debarge, better known as Bobby Debarge, was the group Switch’s main singer. His claim was fame with his falsetto vocals. He was a songwriter, composer, and musician as well. He was also the producer of the Debarge band which he started with his siblings. Bobby’s promising music career came to a sudden end when he was convicted of drug trafficking in 1988. This was followed by a 5-year prison sentence. He contracted HIV much before in 1980 and died due to HIV complications in the year 1995.

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Married Life

Teri and Bobby experienced marital bliss for 5 years before Bobby passed away. They married on the 10th of December in 1990. They are proud parents to two boys. Their elder son is named Christian Debarge and the younger is Bobby Debarge Jr. Her married life was pretty uneventful and she spent her days with her husband in marital bliss. After Bobby’s death in 1995, Teri was left with two young sons to take care of.

Death Of Bobby Debarge and Teri’s Struggle

Bobby Debarge contracted AIDS sometime around 1980. He confessed the same to his family after 1988, when he had spent 5 years in prison. In his last days, he became gravely ill and his family sent him to a hospice in Grand Rapids in Michigan. He passed away at 39 years of age (on August 16, 1995) and is buried in Garfield Park Cemetery in Grand Rapids. Teri took care of their two very young sons after Bobby’s death.

Bobby and Teri’s Children

The couple had two kids. The elder one named Christian Debarge is an anime artist. Christian is married to an Asian woman and the two have a daughter. Not much is known about their family as they keep a very private life.

Bobby and Teri’s Children

The younger son, Bobby Debarge Jr. is a musician and has followed in the steps of his father. He has inherited the falsetto voice as well. Bobby along with his cousins is keeping the Debarge legacy alive. Bobby Jr. is currently single and is focusing on his singing career.

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Current Status Of Teri Debarge

Teri is currently a producer, she has produced quite a several TV shows and movies. She had produced a movie in 2008, known as ‘Unsung’, about the R&B brothers and soul vocal music. She was the executive producer of ‘The Bobby Debarge Story’ in 2009, which was released in 2019. It spoke about Bobby’s life, achievements, and controversies.

Teri Debarge’s Net Worth

Teri has been living a luxurious life owing to her famous husband and producer stints. Her children are settled and lead good lives. Teri’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Facts About Teri Debarge

  • Teri has not married after her husband’s death. There were rumours about her alleged affairs though nothing was proven.
  • Bobby Debarge was rumoured to be bisexual and in a relationship with a gay man Tony while being married.
  • Teri is often known as the “Widow of Bobby Debarge”.
  • Teri has no social media accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Did Teri Debarge remarry?

No, Teri Debarge has not remarried after the death of Bobby Debarge.

Is Teri Debarge alive?

Teri Debarge is alive and lives a comfortable life.

Does Teri Debarge have children?

Teri and Bobby Debarge have two children, Christian Debarge and Bobby Debarge Jr.

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