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Tapping Into The Income Generating Trifecta With PrimeXBT

Income Generating Trifecta With PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT is an award-winning multi-asset margin trading platform best known for its wide range of CFDs on a variety of trading instruments, and robust set of advanced trading tools, such as the Covesting copy trading module.

More than just a Bitcoin trading platform, it has all the ingredients to turn anyone into an income-generating machine. With ways to actively and passively make money and plenty of tools in which to do the trick, PrimeXBT is the only platform that offers an income-generating trifecta. Here is how.

What Is PrimeXBT? An Advanced Trading Solution

PrimeXBT is a one-stop-shop for all things trading, with tools that are easy to use enough for novices, but advanced enough to keep experienced professionals hooked and coming back again and again.

The multi-asset platform offers margin accounts in BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC. With a margin account locked and loaded, users can tap into a growing list of more than 50 different trading instruments. Markets range across both traditional and digital, representing crypto, stock indices, commodities, forex, metals, and more.

There is a smartphone app for users to manage positions on the go, which is offered for free on Android and iOS devices. A 24/7 live support staff is always available when something goes awry and a help center exists for proactive learning about the platform. There is even a company blog filled with helpful information such as trading guides, tips, company updates, market reports, and other types of content.

The content itself often goes over the types of tools that users can take advantage of to stay on top of their financial game. Here are the three most important, according to the company.

Financial Planning And Accounting Tools

When anyone thinks of trading, they tend to think of action. They picture a Wall Street trader shouting buy or sell, jumping in and out of positions in order to scalp every last penny from the market. But, it is what comes before and after that can be the most important.

To begin, no trader should take a position without performing some analysis first. PrimeXBT provides built-in charting tools from TradingView to help devise a sound trading plan complete with a full understanding of the direction of the trend, the current market structure, and more. Using such tools, traders can find support and resistance, check technical indicators for confirmation, and other advanced strategies.

While all of what is mentioned above takes place before the trade is ever made after the trade is just as critical for one’s finances. Proper reporting can give a trader intel and analytics, and also keep accurate records for tax reporting. Trading is big business and involves a lot of money – you can be sure the taxman will want a piece of the pie. Not knowing how big a slice to give them can eat into profits instead.

Active Income With Active Leverage Long And Shorts

The above section focuses on what happens before and after any trade is made, while this section is all about the good stuff: the action. Active trading is the next most important factor in the PrimeXBT profitability trifecta.

Actively managing positions in the market by going long and shorting, let anyone profit from both directions, build hedge positions, and more. With the proper plan in place as put together from the tools mentioned above, it is then time to move onto margin accounts and get into position.

Long and short trades can be placed using limit or market orders, and stop loss and take profit levels can be added to each order type for protection, control, and flexibility. PrimeXBT also rewards its most active traders with a progressive fee discount system, where any trader with a great enough turnover can get as much as a 25% and 50% reduction in trading fees. The more active a trader is, the more profits they can keep.

Passive Income With Referrals, Yield Accounts, And More

Investing legend and the so-called Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, famously said that “if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” Trading can help achieve such goals if positions are left open overnight, however, there is a less stressful way that involves generating passive income. In fact, with PrimeXBT, there are several ways to generate passive income.

To start, the Covesting copy trading module can connect followers with strategy managers, in which followers can basically sit back, copy the trades of strategy managers who regularly show success, and let the profits stack up while someone else does the heavy lifting for them.

For an even more passive way to earn income through PrimeXBT and Covesting, Yield Accounts are due to arrive in Q3 2021. Covesting Yield Accounts offers up to a 35% APY which is significantly more than the standard savings account and then some. Users will be able to connect to top DeFi protocols right from the PrimeXBT interface and lock up idle crypto assets in exchange for an APY reward.

With so much to boast about, there are plenty of reasons to tell others about all the ways the platform can benefit them, which in turn could become another revenue stream for you, them, and anyone you all know.

PrimeXBT has a four-level referral system that pays out up to 20% commissions. Let’s say you refer a friend to the platform by recommending the features above, and they are hooked. They sign up, and they tell others. Anyone they tell will also make you money. It goes even one level more than that for up to four levels of referrals.

Conclusion: Make More Money Than Ever Before With PrimeXBT

Combining all of these various tools is how anyone, anywhere in the world, at any capital level, can grow their income levels higher than ever before with the award-winning margin trading platform PrimeXBT. Are you ready to take advantage of the trading profit trifecta?

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