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Take The Interior Décor Of Your Living Rooms To The Next Level With Bronze Sculptures

Bronze statues and sculptures are timeless pieces that everyone likes to own to create an ethereal appeal in their living rooms. But not everyone is fortunate enough to buy them. And for those who are lucky enough to buy them, the work doesn’t end here. 

Besides just buying such expensive castings, you need to deck them right to take the interior décor of your house to the next level. But how do you create the right flair with such statement pieces? Here we pen down a few ways by which you can decorate your paradise with bronze:


Lighting takes up the central attraction of any living room and draws the attention of the guests towards it, earning you lots of praises and compliments. What could be better than using custom lighting with bronze fixtures to illuminate your house with grandeur and luxe? 

Also, besides using bronze lighting fixtures, you can also keep bronze statues in your living room and throw some light on them to let the statue shine and highlight the art in your room.

Follow less is more

Some people have the habit of doing too much when it comes to decorating their living space. But you need to understand that excess is not the current game. Less is more should be followed in today’s era to spruce up the space. 

Do not simply clutter up your display area with too many statues. Instead, pick up your taste, limit them to a few, and create an ambiance that serves to please the eyes and make a splendid appeal.

Run a background check

Bronze statues should never be kept against busy backgrounds because the fine detailing and artwork on the figurine will lose their charm and lessen the beauty of the statue. Bronze statues are all about elegance and fine detailing. 

So, avoid placing the figures in front of patterned wallpapers or crowded places. You should seek emptiness for keeping such crafted pieces and search for an area that offers enough whitespace behind the statue to create a focal point.

Plan a display pattern

If you have two or more bronze statues to put on display, don’t place them side by side. Instead, plan a placement pattern that will allow people to pay equal attention to all the bronze casting you have in store. 

For this, you can place your trust in your eyes and instincts because this combination will surely give your brain ideas to place those bronze sculptures in areas that can grab the maximum attention of the guests.

Take a look around the surroundings and decide how the statue would look while being placed on a bookshelf or a secluded pedestal. Also, make sure that there exists a relationship of placement with their other counterparts and surroundings to make the castings steal the show of your living room.


We hope that this guide helps you figure out the right placement hacks to put your bronze statues on display. Do you have more such ideas to make the most of your décor investment? Do let us know!

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