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3 Ways To Take Magic Mushrooms Without the Bad Taste

Take Magic Mushrooms

Partaking in the psychedelic delight that is a magic mushroom is also knowing that it tastes abhorrent. Most would consider the shroom’s horrid taste a minor trade-off for the hallucinogenic feeling it provides. 

However, what if you could enjoy the euphoria and avoid the terrible taste altogether? Innovative minds and mushroom enthusiasts have devised creative ways to take it without dealing with its taste.

Safety First

To err on the side of caution, you might want to read up on mushroom good trip guides first. Magic mushrooms are pretty strong, and you do not want to get a bad trip because of carelessness.

A single gram of magic mushroom is widely considered a light dose, making it the ideal starting point. However, it cannot be stressed enough how careful you must be when mixing these mushrooms with acidic ingredients.

These acidic ingredients are usually coffee and citrus fruits, which can boost the potency of your trip. It does not necessarily mean it has terrible effects, but to be safe, consult reliable sources before attempting any mix.

How you ingest the mushrooms ultimately boils down to personal preference, as some people do not mind the taste. However, if you are open to new methods or do not want taste trade-offs, here are some suggestions.

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Mushroom Tea

Making magic mushrooms into tea is one of the more common ways to ingest the substance. It also makes it easier for your taste buds and stomach to process.

Additionally, it can hasten the effects of psilocybin, which is the compound responsible for the psychedelic effects in these shrooms. That is because, in tea form, the substance is much easier to digest, making the psychedelic effects come in faster.

Typically, preparing the tea involves grinding your preferred dosage of mushrooms into a weed grinder until they turn into powder. After that, pour hot water over the powder and let it seep for ten to fifteen minutes before drinking.

Additionally, depending on your preference, you can add honey, chopped ginger, or both into the mix. You can use a strainer to remove any floating dregs of mushroom if you want to avoid nausea.

Fruity Mushroom

If tea is not your thing, fruits work just as well. You can use the same mushroom powder with any fruit-based ingredient and put the combo into a blender.

Frozen fruits and fruit juices are excellent choices to mix with the mushroom powder. You can also combine the ingredients with yogurt to make some psychedelic smoothies.  Buy shrooms online.

Mushroom Pills

Magic mushroom capsules are a great and discreet way to ingest the substance while entirely bypassing the horrible taste issue.
With magic mushrooms getting increasing acceptance in the media comes more options for ingesting them. It does not hurt to have someone with experience taking magic mushrooms giving you advice. Additionally, if you follow this guide, you should have no problem dealing with the taste issue anymore.

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