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Switzerland Golden Visa: What Are The Requirements For The Financially Independent Individuals

Switzerland Golden Visa

Switzerland is rated as the best third country to live in the world because of the wealth and naturalization it provides to its residents. Who would not love living in this beautiful alpine country home to the Alps? Everyone from across the globe thinks of living in a country known for its ski resorts, hiking trails, watches, and chocolates.

However, there is good news for financially independent individuals. You can now get the Switzerland Golden Visa and simplify your process of moving to the country. So, you can enjoy the country’s best banking and finance facilities along with Swiss chocolates and watches.

Take a sneak peek into the investments, residency requirements, and many other related things.

Insight into Investment and Other Related Requirements for the Golden Visa

Investments Required

If you want to take up residency in the country, you need to invest CHF 200,000 yearly. You have to give it as a lump sum taxation to the Swizz Canton in your chosen city.

However, depending on your canton, the investment can go from CHF 400,000 to CHF 600,000 per year. The residents are not allowed to work under this program. You will be living here through a residence permit.

The non-EU nationals can reside here with the Swiss Business Investor Program too. You must form a new Swiss company or invest in an existing one. Moreover, the turnover needs to be at least CHF 1 million.

You can get dual citizenship too. Apart from that, the government provides permanent residency after ten years of living. People can only get Swiss citizenship through naturalization after 12 years of ‘uninterrupted living.’ However, you will be paying various taxes at different levels:

  • Federal level
  • Canton level
  • Municipal level
  • Church tax

Apart from this, the people seeking for Golden Visa have to pay the Swiss VAT of 8%. The residents seeking to reside here will only get the Swiss C Visa, Swiss D Visa, or the Residence permit. The residents looking forward to staying here under the Investor Program must contribute to the Swiss economy. This is the only way to live and enjoy Swiss citizenship and other amenities in this country.

Other Requirements Of Golden Visa

Financially independent individuals can obtain a residence permit in the country by managing their business outside the country. Wealthy individuals from countries like Russia, China, Turkey, and other Gulf countries have already obtained their Golden Visas. The political and economic stability of the country has attracted many individuals. The requirements for the Golden Visa are:

  • Payment of Annual Chord Tax: Foreign investors must pay the annual chord tax. It is levied as the main item of expenditure, and it is the fixed contribution. Every canton has its tax for foreign investors.
  • Minimum Stay Period in the Country: You must stay as a country residence for a minimum of 183 days per year. It is a mandatory requirement to get a Swiss residence permit, and the investor who complies will become a tax resident of the country.
  • Taxes Collected by the Cantons Administrators: The Cantonal Administration collects the chord tax based on the tax residence.
  • Annual Tax Collection: Taxes are collected annually here, and the permit status is issued for one year. The citizenship status is revoked if the investor fails to fulfill any of the residency program conditions.
  • Application Requirements: The applicant needs to be 18 years of age, with no criminal record, qualified, and must have sufficient funds to invest in the country as a financially independent individual.
  • Other Peculiar Requirements: Good character and knowledge of the language are important.

Benefits of Living in Switzerland

After obtaining the Golden Visa, you can enjoy the following advantages in the country:

  • You are free to study, live, or work
  • Get visa-free travel to other Schengen countries
  • Family members are included in your application
  • High-quality healthcare and education. Switzerland has some of the top universities in the world.
  • Tax incentive for residents who are from a country that has a double taxation agreement
  • Comprehensive connectivity to other nations in Europe

Things to Show to the Authorities

Whether you are choosing to live in Switzerland through lump-sum taxation under the residency scheme or the Investors program, there are certain eligibilities you need to fulfill. It will help in easing out the eligibility criteria for getting Swiss citizenship:

  • You must be a non-EU citizen
  • The age must be between 18 years and 55 years
  • Good health and no criminal record are a must to live in this amazing Alps country
  • You need to present the official source of income to the authorities
  • People need to show proof of owned or rented accommodations and financial proof in the country

All these eligibility criterion fulfillment offers the citizens the following advantages and the above-stated benefits.

  • With Swiss citizenship, a person gets visa-free travel and access to almost 172 countries
  • You will get to register your business in one of the strongest-performing economies and the country.
  • There are secure banks in the country, and the citizens can get the best banking amenities from the banks.
  • If you are carrying out the company formation in Switzerland, then you will have to pay a few taxes under the company formation option.

Being a business-friendly nation, small and big companies are thriving in the country. There is a higher living cost, but wages are quite high too. Moreover, businessmen can carry out their business seamlessly because of amenities like energy, power, good R&D facilities, waste disposal system, and well-knit communication systems. With everything synchronized properly and according to the authorities, you can get Swiss citizenship without any problem.

Get Your Switzerland Golden Visa Now!

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