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Suzanne Marie Sevakis Biography – A Tragic Life Cut Short

Suzanne Marie Sevakis Biography| Suzanne Marie Sevakis| Suzanne Marie Sevakis all about

Who Was Suzanne Marie Sevakis? 

Suzanne Marie Sevakis was an American entrepreneur and media personality. Supposedly, she hailed from North Carolina, even though details of her life are still a bit unclear. She is most famous for her tragic death, which made national headlines. At the time, the homicide case became sensational for the investigation’s gritty details. Before that, hardly anyone knew of the tragic life that she had led to that point.

 In many ways, perhaps, her death was a relief. Suzanne lived a life of relative anonymity. Thus, no one would have ever known the dark secrets in her life. If she had lived on, the daily torture of her life would have gone on as well. In death, however, she was able to have her revenge on her torturer.

Moreover, it was due to her death that the world came to know of her brief existence. In popular culture, she has been the subject of two books. Her life is also the subject of the Netflix series Girl in the Picture. 

Childhood Of Suzanne Marie Sevakis

The details of Suzanne Marie Sevakis’ childhood are still a mystery to many. As far as the official reports go, she was raised as the daughter of Franklin Delano Floyd. However, later on, she came to be the same man’s wife. Thus, there are several mysteries underlying this case that may never see the light of day. However, as far as the police reports go, she was the victim of severe child abuse and statutory rape from a young age at the hands of Franklin Floyd. 

The Prologue To The Truth

When the police finally investigated the case, the facts that came to light were shocking. Franklin Delano Floyd raised Suzanne from a young age as his daughter. However, she wasn’t his biological daughter in the first place. So who were her parents exactly? 

Suzanne’s biological parents were Sandra Francis Brandenburg and Clifford Ray Sevakis, to whom she was born on the 9th of September, 1969. At the time, Sandra and Clifford were happily married and even had a second daughter, Alison. However, the marriage briefly fell apart, and Sandra had to fend for herself and her daughters. She also had a second marriage, where she had two more children, Amy and Philip. However, her second marriage split up very soon. Thus, in 1974 when she met Francis Delano Floyd, she already had four children and no way to look after them. 

At the time, Sandra felt that Francis came into her life as a savior. He offered to provide for her and her children and be a father to them through marriage. Sandra was thankful for this gesture and accepted his proposal very shortly. At the time, she felt her worries coming to an end. 

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Things Go South

Things Go South

Franklin further convinced Sandra to move to Dallas, Texas, with her children so they could live together. At the time, Sandra didn’t even know Franklin’s real name since he was using a false identity. Franklin had been using the name of Brandon Williams since 1974. So Sandra moved to Texas with her four children, Suzanne, Alison, Amy, and Philip. Things seemed alright until she was sentenced to a 30-day sentence in prison for passing a bad check. 

Unsuspecting of anything, Sandra went to prison for what seemed a very short sentence. However, to her utter dismay, Franklin, aka Brandon, had fled when she came out. To make matters worse, he had already taken her four children with him. After searching, she found Alison and Amy in the foster care system. However, Suzanne and Philip were with Franklin, who was absconding. The police registered a case of abduction and kidnapping against Brandon Williams as they didn’t know his real identity. The next time Sandra would come to hear of Suzanne, she would already be dead. 

Death of Suzanne Marie Sevakis

Police found Suzanne Marie Sevakis’ body on the side of the highway on the 30th of April, 1990. There were a few groceries around her body. This led police to surmise that it was a hit-and-run case. Suzanne was only 21 years of age at the time. 

Further investigation revealed the horrible facts of the case. Between 1975, when she was abducted by Franklin, and 1990 when she was found dead, Suzanne had been raised as Franklin’s daughter under various false identities. The pair frequently moved around and never settled in a place for long. After some time, Franklin married Suzanne in the year 1989. At the time, she had the identity of Tonya Dawn Tadlock. Franklin was living under the name of Clarence Marcus Hughes. They even had a child together by the name of Michael Anthony Hughes. 

Further Facts of Suzanne Marie Sevakis

Several years later, it would come to light that Suzanne already had another child, most probably as a result of the rape by Franklin. As it was later revealed, they would give this child up for adoption. By 1990, she had already grown tired of Franklin’s overbearing nature and torturous methods. She had decided to run away with Kevin Brown, a college student with whom she had a secret relationship. It was later that same month that she would be killed.

On the fateful night when she was found dead, Franklin Delano Floyd stated that he had fallen asleep at the motel where they were staying while she had gone out. The police assumed her death to be a hit-and-run case, but the details were still too hazy. It would take years for the police to fit all the puzzle pieces. Only in 2014, after conducting a conclusive DNA test, would Floyd finally be sentenced to death. This way, the saga of Suzanne’s life finally ends. 


In many ways, Suzanne Marie Sevakis was the victim of tremendous abuse and sexual molestation at the hands of Franklin Floyd. However, fate had its map to follow, and justice prevailed in the end. Suzanne Marie Sevakis will always be remembered as someone who endured trials during her whole life only to be avenged in death. 

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